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  1. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    Okay! Can't Wait!
  2. I HNGGGGGGGGG'D over the 5 ping part. Cause I don't really get to play in low ping servers :I. Good luck on what you're doing though!
  3. PNK


    Gonna keep that note thanks
  4. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    Got a little confused cause you said 2013 xD But I think you meant 2014. I'll wait till then .
  5. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    I'm gonna add you CFB
  6. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    Looking forward for tomorrow shounic:) i hope this thread gets used more :c.
  7. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    I thought people could just pm you through the afl forums :3 I just did it to avoid spam and trolls but i trust the community anyways so http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047424403/ ----PM ME LOOKING FOR SCRIM----
  8. PNK

    Scrim Thread

    Hi Guys my name is Pink and i have been playing competitive tf2 for a while now. I wanna make this thread because I haven't seen an easier way to find scrims especially if you really don't know a lot of people who are into competitive. So yea:D ----PM ME LOOKING FOR SCRIM---- Please be gentle<3