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  1. Chaotic Paradox

    L4D2: A Funny Versus Montage, Featuring The AFL Community

    Next episode, and yes THAR WILL BE PWNNIEZZZZ
  2. A hilarious L4D2 montage on No Mercy Versus, featuring the AFL players. Players: King And Lionheart Cknach All-Father Uri Krab pat Andre thepewpewman :3 Jagged And me, Chaotic Paradox ♥ Feel free to comment, rate and subscribe. ♥ Also may or may not contain Ponies.
  3. Chaotic Paradox

    Terraria Co-op With Friendly Fire, Hilarity Ensues

    I forgot to post the other two videos of the series, because I have short term memory lost.
  4. Chaotic Paradox

    A very serious scout pugging montage

    Well, my scout is a pony, but my medic is a foxcoon and my sniper is a sergal, so I don't think its going to happen. HURRR DERRRRRRRR Hence the term 'friends with benefits' as I was the scout's friend and medic. Yes thank you, and on the fps metre, I actually like it, which I why I left it there. For the killfeed, well I was just too noob at the time to have it stay there. As for the ponies, the video was more of an joke when Cknach (the scout) said to make a frag movie out of this one pug. And then I said I would add ponies for added ridiculousness and it all sort of went there. But either way so far there hasn't been much negativity to the ponies, guess people got used to it, or either that I just pick good places to post the video.
  5. Chaotic Paradox

    A very serious scout pugging montage

    ♥ Feel free to comment, rate and subscribe.