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  1. Welcome to AsiaFortress #WAF
  2. state any cookie cutter class you actually want to play in a 6s team. we don't run full time spies for 6s teams.
  3. no one plays full time spy in 6s, you're better off posting this ad at the hl section.
  4. what are some of the things you always wanted to tell some of us in the community?
  5. Video

  6. there's only 1 word: practice gamesense will come when you play more. 30 hours is really nothing trust me. mge is available for you to click on other players and somehow kill them.
  7. you have come to the wrong place to mature child
  8. are you legal
  9. nevermind.
  10. not anymore
  11. #freemanbear2015
  12. prophet nata is preparing them, i hope.
  13. where did you get your majestouch and puretrak? o.o
  14. Wow, nice. Also, may I recommend you not to buy a Orion Spark? They are like MX Browns but feel like shit.
  15. Are you a girl? Just joking. May not (& obviously not) the best person to give you tips but shoot me a pm if you have anything to ask.