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  • SEA Jumpers present Jump Help 2016!


    SEA Jumpers present Jump Help 2016!


    Is jumping unfamiliar or frustrating for you? Ever wanted to do jump maps like the awesome online speedruns you often see? Well, we've got an event that can help with that, called jump help! (pun intended)


    Whether you are a complete stranger to jumping, or if you are an expert and seasoned jumper, there's always somewhere for you to fit in.


    This event spans roughly 3 weeks, Thursday to Sunday each week. Read on to find out more!


    In this 3 week event we help to cover a lot of jumping stuff :)


    The event will start on the first week on November (only on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends). Each day holds a different segment for the 2 classes Demo and Solly! (The first Thursday in November is 11/03). The full schedule can be found on jumphelp.tech (information section).


    Throughout the event we will be covering various topics revolving around jumping,such as ctaps, wallpogo, skips and apply them to use through the process of in-depth guidance. During this event, we are also open to reviewing demos on certain techniques you wish to improve at, simply ask your mentor to help review your demo and you're set!


    Each week we will hold different activities: picking up jumping, doing maps and racing respectively.

    We cover 4 segments,each with their own range of techniques:

    • Solly Beginner

    • Solly Advanced

    • Demo Beginner

    • Demo Advanced

    We also strongly encourage people who wish to get better at jumping spend some time to sort out the ins and outs of their jumping!


    We woud like to invite everyone that is new and/or would like to learn more about TF2 jumping and interested in it to join us. No fees required. 


    The event starts in November 2016 and you may now sign up now at bit.ly/22BOA2U!

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