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    Mercenaries Cup 7: Week 2 Approaches!



    Mercenaries Cup 7 Week 2

    The Match Threads for the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket matches are officially open, and teams can begin scheduling their matches! Click here for the Match Threads.


    Congratulations to the teams Steal Your Job, Fireless, A Motley Crew, Club Penguin Crusaders, PSYCHOS, Kusoyotech and Team Intermediate for winning their first matches to claim their place in the Upper Bracket!


    Meanwhile, the teams Trake's Bae, Cozy HomeConnection Drops In The Rice Fields and Mak Kau Terbang will fight against the threat of elimination in the Lower Bracket.


    The tournament is far from over yet however, and all participants still have a chance to prove themselves as the Grand Champions of Mercenaries Cup 7!


    Best of luck to all participants!


    Dropout Announcement

    The team Shuffled.tf Inc. has announced their decision to drop out of the tournament to AsiaFortress Administrators, and has been removed from play. As a result, Edelweiss gets a walkover win for this week's matches and has automatically been advanced to Lower Bracket Round 2.


    In accordance with the Mercenaries Cup 7 rules, Shuffled.tf Inc.'s leaders Novaroid and Insanity will be barred from leading any more teams in major AsiaFortress competitions until further notice.


    A Reminder of the Rules

    Following a breach in last week's matches which was met with a stern warning, the AsiaFortress administrators would like to remind all participating teams that mercenaries are allowed under the following conditions:

    • It is clearly and honestly communicated to the other team who the mercenary is and why they are being used
    • A mercenary cannot be used in place of an available rostered player
    • Teams can only use up to 2 mercenaries in total during a regular season match
    • No mercenaries are allowed during a playoff match (Semifinals, Lower Bracket Semifinals, Finals)
    • The mercenary must be named together with his or her Steam ID when reporting or confirming results in the match thread
    • "Alts", "smurfs" and other ways of concealing identity are prohibited and will be dealt with harshly.

    The Rules can be found here, and all teams are reminded once again that ignorance of the rules will not be taken as an excuse for a breach.


    Scheduling Matches

    Teams are also reminded to post in the Match Threads the date, time and server used for the match upon scheduling with the opposing team's leader. Booking a server is recommended to avoid a situation where servers could not be found to play on.


    After playing a match, teams are to post the final scores along with screenshots of the final scoreboard or links to the match logs on logs.tf.


    Best of luck to all teams!

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