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    AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 1 Roundup



    AFC 10: Division 1 Roundup

    Banner by Cell, writeup by vetia, vetted by moosepi and Caldoran


    AFC 10 is in full swing; divisions have been separated and the first few matches have been played (are being played). Notably, an exceeding number of Division 3 signups have swelled the ranks to a whopping 16 teams, an amount unprecedented in AsiaFortress history.


    However, the cost for a fresh wave of new players is high. It came at the price of several old names and faces departing for Overwatch after being at the peak of the scene for nearly three years. The result? Division 1 is severely reduced this season, with only four teams that have to play each other twice. Leading from this, there are only going to be three playoff teams for Division 1. 


    Furthermore, a severe lack of top level players means that AsiaFortress ‘premier’ level play will not only be less regular, but quite possibly lower in quality as well. The truth of the matter is that quality fades as experienced players depart, leaving giant, empty shoes and a legacy of whispered legends.


    But this isn’t to discount the competition this season; some of the names in the rosters have been around for a long time, and they deserve recognition for wading into the highest division Asia has to offer. With that said, meet the teams and lineups for Division 1!



    • VLEbrY5.png tommy
    • VLEbrY5.png kcot

    • W5WmBJp.png cloverella

    • W5WmBJp.png 26

    • j3eMpHs.png jigglesaur

    • hBkNbCx.png b4it


    Certainly one of the fattest rosters in play, xiao was technically formed sometime post-AFC 9, but perished temporarily before Mercenaries Cup 7 could begin (leaving stars like tommy free to play for Pingu during that season). However, the return of jigglesaur from Canada in June incited its reformation, and xiao was revitalised in time for AFC 10.


    Old dogs of the AsiaFortress community will recognise that xiao is a combination of AFC 9’s Homely Hobos and Turbo 9000. Newer viewers should rest assured that xiao is likely the best and toughest roster to beat this season. These are solid players with mountains of pre-existing chemistry, and the DM ability to back any strategy they come up with. When xiao are on their game, the other teams are going to have a hard time preventing rolls.



    • VLEbrY5.png Racy
    • VLEbrY5.png SakiIsa

    • W5WmBJp.png Shocky

    • W5WmBJp.png Hwain

    • j3eMpHs.png rufus

    • hBkNbCx.png z.™


    Put together by Hwain, Crescendo mainly consists of old players who’ve left the scene for a while, but are dusting themselves off for another go. Again, old dogs might recognise names like rufus, ozr and z that haven’t been seen at the top for seasons. Most notable are Shocky and 10; the former is a two time champion and the latter has been heralded as one of Asia’s best scouts since Mercenaries Cup 6.


    Crescendo might seem cobbled together, but a combination of seasoned Division 1 players, some of Asia’s oldest faces and a dash of fresh talent, could make a blend spicy enough to shake up the competition. If anyone could knock out xiao and take the Cup home, it would be Crescendo.


    A Motley Crew

    • VLEbrY5.png oro
    • VLEbrY5.png Killer

    • W5WmBJp.png Cell

    • W5WmBJp.png Cynic

    • j3eMpHs.png RY4N

    • hBkNbCx.png Jopper


    AMC have kept the same name and the same core players for several seasons now, and it’s no surprise to see them in Division 1 in AFC 10. While the team has seen various old and new faces come and go, their primary core has always been Jopper, RY4N and Cell and Cynic since AFC 9: fairly consistent players who’ve proven their mettle in the past.


    This season, the roster is rounded off with two of Asia’s biggest MGE players, oro and Killer. With a solid set of teammates complementing the long history that AMC has, the team should find some success in their first foray into Division 1. While they might not look like the greatest contenders for the Cup, they shouldn’t be a simple walk over for the other teams.


    Memesquad xd

    • VLEbrY5.png vetia
    • VLEbrY5.png scot

    • W5WmBJp.png mel

    • W5WmBJp.png chongy

    • j3eMpHs.png cyrus

    • hBkNbCx.png moosepi


    Memesquad was founded on the dreams of winning Division 2, but the roster grew a little too powerful and was bumped up to Division 1. Filled with fresh faces to Division 1 that have barely seen the light of ‘premier’ level play, the team decided to pick up one of AsiaFortress’ oldest players, mel, to overcome the inexperience.


    Memesquad looks like the weakest team in Division 1, but it has the potential to pull a few upsets. If anything, its hyper-aggressive play-style seen on its old Division 2 roster could create interesting and exciting games for AsiaFortress’ Division 1!



    While there is a severe lack of Division 1 teams, it is still exciting to see some new faces getting their hands dirty in the 10th season of AFC, and (a lot of) new blood is exactly what the Asian scene needs. Here’s to new legends of AF in the next few seasons!


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