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    An Af-Svf Collaboration - A big welcome to HL MIXES




    Sup guys, welcome to the new Highlander Mixes/Highlander events area.


    We do hope for everyone to enjoy themselves (so minimal trolling please). Please adhere to the guidelines as listed below to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable game



    Weekly Highlander Mixes


    For those who are craving to play some highlander with other people in the Asian TF2 community, Sandvichfort has combined with Asiafortress to bring you an improved version of the weekly highlander mixes!


    Registration Details

    • Any and all players are allowed to register
    • Include your in game name along with the desired class you wish to play, however, do include some secondary classes in the event that your first choice has already been taken
    • Please join the new mumble ( port 64778; Asiafortress Pug Red-Blu channels) -its neater and most of your admins are there regularly
    • Teams will be balanced by the organizers/team captains

    General Rules

    • Punctuality -please be early, being late for more than 15 minutes 3 times will cause you to be blacklisted
    • Please be a team player, the highlander mixes see TF2 veterans alongside F2Ps. Show tolerance to those who may not be as skilled, excessively bad behavior will get you banned from the mixes
    • For more serious play, join the highlander league! (tba)

    Need Further Help?


    Pop on to our steam group here

    and contact any of the following people : Sakiisa, Qjyap, Protagonist, Troll, Atolea, teal, Xeon, Madman, Agent K, 6x, natapon, hcaz


    We'd love to have feedback from anyone so feel free to bug us :lol:

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