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Round 4: Supa Strikas vs This Team

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AsiaFortress Cup 12 Match Thread


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Round: 4
Home Team: Supa Strikas
Away Team: This Team
Map Pool:
  • cp_process_final
  • koth_product_rc8
  • P-REC is required for all players in the server. The in-game demo system may be used as well.
  • Every player involved in a match (including mercenaries) must record a demo for each map of their matches (we recommend using P-REC or the in-game demo system) and keep it until at least two weeks after the end of the season. While not compulsory, we recommend for all players to upload their demos after each match to the Demo Uploads page, to avoid situations where their demos are misplaced or lost.
  • Scoreboard screenshots or logs.tf  must be posted in the thread when reporting scores.
  • Any mercenaries used in the round must be reported and stated in the thread. Please refer to section 4b of the AFC 12 Rules for further details regarding mercenaries.
To be scheduled by: 4th of August
To be played within: Between 1st of August and 6th of August

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Due to unforeseen circumstances with half players on This Team we will have to postpone the match to TENTATIVELY Friday 11th August 10pm/10.30pm gmt+8. Admins are notified and allowed the postpone. 

chat logs with Supa Strika's captian:-

5:10 PM - lerl: if u guys r going to postpone then i guess we cant do anything lol
5:10 PM - lerl: go ahead
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: Aite
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: We can play friday btw
5:11 PM - lerl: ill try to schedule it around our match with muscle tho
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: Not sunday
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: Best day i guess
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: And dont want to delay the matches any further
5:11 PM - jopperstaluf: Friday 10pm/10.30pm gmt8?
5:15 PM - lerl: i check 1st
5:16 PM - jopperstaluf: I see
5:16 PM - jopperstaluf: You guys wanna do double matches then?
5:16 PM - lerl: we'll see
5:16 PM - lerl: scheduling now is kinda blurry
5:16 PM - lerl: so
5:17 PM - jopperstaluf: Aite
5:19 PM - jopperstaluf: let me know ya i will just post on the forums that we will be tentative friday 10pm/10.30pm gmt+8
5:19 PM - lerl: ok
5:19 PM - lerl: not sure yet
5:19 PM - lerl: ill ask for friday though
5:19 PM - jopperstaluf: thanks buddy. let me know la if anything. we can arrange from there
5:20 PM - lerl: okok

chat log with Division 1 admin Gothmog:-

1:30 PM - jopperstaluf: Yo gothmog
1:30 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Sup dude
1:31 PM - jopperstaluf: I got an emergency and i cant play for tomorrow's match. And cant get any sub or merc for me. Ryan got called up for work also and oro is away this weekend. My team have to postpone this week's match vs. Supa strikers most likely
1:32 PM - jopperstaluf: And even dscore is away, cell is also busy for saturday and zee (possible merc) cant play due to assignments
1:33 PM - jopperstaluf: Sorry for super last minute but i will try to make saturday match happen but its highly unlikely
1:33 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Aight. Thanks for the heads up
1:33 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: I'll get back to you in just a bit
1:33 PM - jopperstaluf: Aite thanks
1:34 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: No worrz
1:34 PM - jopperstaluf: Sorry again buddy
1:34 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Don't sweat it
1:37 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Aight, so you can postpone, but only if Supa Strikers agrees
1:37 PM - jopperstaluf: I dropped lerl (opponent captain) a message hes still offline. Thanks buddy
1:37 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: If their captain is cool with it and gives the green light, then sure, postpone
1:38 PM - jopperstaluf: Gotcha
1:38 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Okay, cool
1:38 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Just make sure he replies soon enough
1:38 PM - jopperstaluf: Let you know on new time and date agreed on if he allows
1:38 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Yolks
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: hey gotmog
5:18 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Sup
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: They are agreed on the postpone
5:18 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: Yupyup
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: Fuck
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: Sorry
5:18 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: I just heard
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: But yes
5:18 PM - jopperstaluf: Aite
5:18 PM - AsiaFortress Gothmog: No worries

Will update the confirmed time/date of the match as soon both teams agrees on one. Apology on behalf of this This Team's players and myself but we will try to get the matches back on track.

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To be played on Sunday 13th August 10.30pm gmt+8



Chat log:-

lerl: ok just copy paste this
lerl: Ok sunday gmt +8 10:30 xd
jopperstaluf: okie

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