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Free server reservation Toaster@PUBS.TF (like serveme.tf, but Asian)

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I just made a service called Toaster at PUBS.TF.


You guys may heard of serveme.tfa TF2 server reservation service in EU, NA and AU. Since Asians lack some of the love, I made one that is similar to that. The servers used are in Singapore and India currently.


Tell me what you guys think about it. :3 (And please don't abuse it :< (one of the reasons why we can't have nice things))


Currently it takes about 10 minutes for the server to be ready.  So a little patient is appreciated.  I am however unable to test if demo are recorded by TFTrue.  It would be great if you guys can provide some feedback.  Logs and demos are "supposedly" available for download after ending the reservation.



Hope you guys enjoy it.



Added India to server list.

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Hey, this looks pretty cool! By the way, does it have competitive configs, and if so, how do you use them? 

Ya, it does have some common one. You can find the list here

When you are reserving a server, there should be a drop-down list to choose from.


*Sorry for the very late reply, I rarely check this forum since the start of my semester.  :unsure:

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