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  1. Because I'm a pedo—erm, pedant.
  2. In the footer, the copyright notice is "2014 AsiaFortress". This copyright notice is useless because which persons the entity "AsiaFortress" refers too is not specified, legally speaking. (Copyright can only be assigned to persons*) I suggest the footer be changed to assign copyright to specific person(s). Minor nitpick: © is missing. ^ Pedants, be aware that the legal definition of person includes many legally registered entities. Feel free to reply if you don't understand.
  3. Never played in competitive, though I have played 50 matches in TF2Center. Hours: 132 hours in Sniper 506 in TF2 (I added up my class hours for the latter) Skill level: Div 3 (I believe that is the lowest division) Nickname: Agent 007 Age: 13 Language: English Timings: 9:00-0:30 PM in +8 GMT (I'm in 5:30 GMT; my timings are specified in +8 GMT) On Wednesday and Sunday, I am free for pretty much the entire day except for a class on Wednesday between 6:30-8:00 +8 GMT You can add me as a friend. My Steam profile My TF2Center profile