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sphere also known by the older members of the community as 'Choo Choo' is along with me the starting scout for Majiami. As a teammate and friend of his I have taken the liberty to bring up a major issue concerning those who choose to call him Choo Choo.

sphere has been apart of this community for approximately 3 years. Participating in AFC 8 and 9 he was known back then as Choo Choo. This year he has (as you can see) decided to switch his alias to sphere. Yet despite this certain people persist with referring to him as Choo Choo much to his discomfort. You may say 'it's only a name (la)' but it is so much more than that.


1) Mentally sphere has been deeply affected.
As you can see from his chat logs he clearly dislikes being called his old alias. Those who have continued to call him Choo Choo has caused great mental distress to him resulting in severe insomnia (often not sleeping until the sun has already risen), inability to tell the difference between scooters and motorcycles, consistently misspelling 'stupid' and many other alarming issues.

As a good friend of sphere seeing his downward spiral due to his past name has been painful to witness and I strongly advise that those still calling sphere, Choo Choo, briskly stop before his situation worsens.

2) His performance has suffered
sphere who's stats normally averages at 300 Damage per Minute and 30 kills was unable to achieve those numbers in this week's match against The Mighty Gibuses. Some may say that it is because TMG are as their name suggests a mighty team but I disagree.

Before this in his last 3 weeks he was able to achieve and exceed the numbers I laid out earlier. But sometime between week 3 and 4 an article rounding up Division 3 was published in which MJM's scouts were rostered as myself and 'Choo Choo' despite there being no one named Choo Choo in our registration and team directory! This resulted in a great disturbance in sphere's powers shown in his lackluster performance in casual, from originally being able to level up 30 times a week, he was only able to level up 15 times in the week after the article was published. Alas it was only casual and we all thought it would be fine and that he'd recover once it was time to battle TMG for week 4. 

It was ok. That is until himari stepped in for Alex during our casted match and began calling sphere, Choo Choo. From round 5 onwards we notice a noticeable drop in performance from sphere which coincided with the time himari began casting. Coincidence? I think not.

As you can see names do hold a great deal of power. So for the love of Gaben stop calling him Choo Choo. 
Thank You - Cabbage "CabbageofLove" Koz

- this was a satirical piece so don't take it too seriously everyone :D
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Fruit Salad has voted amongst ourselves and decided to change our name to ChooChoo Salad

for realsies? 

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