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Yo I'm an australian surfer in tf2 and pretty much the only decent skillsurf server I can find is the UCC surf server. I noticed there's an AsiaFortress surf server that usually has 0 people in it. It seems to constantly run  a tier 3 surf map called surf_ember, and I'm not sure how to change the map. /votemenu allows me to select a vanilla tf2 map such as badlands or viaduct, but the server never has enough people to vote behind the map change anyway. /rtv just straight up doesn't work. I thought beating the map could do something, but after I capped the control point, it just sent me back to the start. Does anyone know how to change the map? This server seems great with it's plugins, but I don't want to be doomed to surf the same surf map over and over again. Thanks.

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