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Lower Bracket Round 1: Trake's Bae vs Cozy Home

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AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7 Match Thread (Lower Bracket Round 1)

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Round: Lower Bracket Round 1

Home Team: Trake's Bae

Away Team: Cozy Home

Map Pool:

  • cp_sunshine_rc9
  • cp_granary_pro_b10
  • koth_product_rc8


  • P-REC is required for all players in the server.
  • Keep all match demos for at least two weeks. You advised to keep them until the tournament ends.
  • Scoreboard screenshots or logs.tf  must be posted in the thread when reporting scores.
  • Any mercenaries used in the round must be reported and stated in the thread.
To be scheduled by: Friday 29th January 2016
To be played within: Tuesday 26th January 2016 to Sunday 31st January 2016

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Aqua: K so Friday night u say

1-800-Jack: So?

1-800-Jack: Wut time

Aqua: Idk what time lol

1-800-Jack: Friday 9.30

Aqua: Yeah sure


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As spoken, please remember that if the logs fail to upload, then you must provide a screenshot of the scoreboard instead.


Because this is your first mistake and it is relatively minor, I will let it go. However, I will not take any more mistakes of this nature lightly from this point forward so consider this your first and only warning.


Best of luck for the matches to come.

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