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Some stupid questions because the thread for them is archived.

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As a complete newbie, I've gone around in the forums to learn what I can, but I haven't found answers to a few things I've been wondering.


When will the current season end and the next season begin? Or are we between seasons, in which case I just want to know when the next season begins?


Also, the server list here: http://asiafortress.com/index.php/servers.html Seems to be outdated? I tried to click join on the dustbowl4ever one(which apparently has players playing) but it says server not responding.

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About the second question, I'm not sure, but for your first, I can answer it. 


I assume you know how to play 6v6 and since you go around the forums to learn what you can (Guides), I will not post links to guide unless you request it. The current season has just started (Unless I'm mistaken) with the Mercenaries Cup 5, but I don't think you can join it unless you can find a team in less than 3 hours. Keep an eye on the forum as it updates will be posted on upcoming tournaments in the "Competition" sections of the forum.

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Hi, I'm the Admin running the current season of Mercenaries Cup.


As of now, we currently hold 3 main events (likely more in the coming year) that happen around each of the big holidays. Mercenaries Cup is a quick double elimination tournament meant for asian teams to rank and understand their skill level, thus their position within the community.


This leads into the AsiaFortress Cup (AFC from now on), which is the 'main' event. Previously called AsiaFortress League, the AFC is a round robin where each team plays every other team within their division, and the best of each division gets crowned after a series of regular season matches and finals matches. AFC is predicted to start early June with sign ups, and is split up into 3 divisions. Division 1 is the best, 3 being the worst.


The last event I speak of is the AsiaFortress MASHED Potatoes. It's first debut being last December, it's a relatively new concept we've been playing with and will likely see changes in the future, but the general idea behind it is to mix players together into 'random' teams, and compete for the top spot.


2. The link you posted is the most up to date server list that updates dynamically. I'm not sure why your situation occurred, but you should continue to refer to that list for our AF servers. 


Hope that answers one of your questions :)

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