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  1. June should hopefully give me enough time to get prepared and make some kind of name for myself Thanks a lot for the answers!
  2. Heh, actually I'm quite new to this, just going around. I suppose I'm not joining the current season then. When will it end, do you know?
  3. As a complete newbie, I've gone around in the forums to learn what I can, but I haven't found answers to a few things I've been wondering. When will the current season end and the next season begin? Or are we between seasons, in which case I just want to know when the next season begins? Also, the server list here: http://asiafortress.com/index.php/servers.html Seems to be outdated? I tried to click join on the dustbowl4ever one(which apparently has players playing) but it says server not responding.
  4. Raddaya

    Hello everyone!

    Heh...I'm actually wondering if I even can participate in most tourneys. I'm from India you see and even to places like Star E-hub I get at least 100 ping if not more. Unsure if that much ping's allowed in most tourneys...:C Anyway, I mostly main Pyro actually, but being that I use the Shotgun like, all the time, I'm pretty good at Scout, too. I'd like to step into comp play- HL, 6v6 all of it. I play most classes reasonably well(though, you know...that's by my standards...probably I might as well have started the game yesterday compared to most of the people here)...never really got the hang of Rocket Jumping though, so Soldier is probably nope. This sounds like a good place to start If anyone wants to know, I have over 170 hours as Pyro, about 65 hours as Scout, and just over 600 hours on tf2 as a whole. Thanks!