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AFC6 division 1 preview

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All right boys and girls. Another cup, another season. This season looks to be the biggest one yet. As you read through this introduction and get to the list of teams and the players, you will understand why.

AsiaFortress has come a long way since its inception and revival in 2009. The Asian TF2 scene in general has had its share of ups and downs. We've had a rich history of competitiveness, drama and fun in this absurdly addictive game that we've all learn to love and hate. Eyes have been opened, minds have been expanded and most importantly, the fact that we're seeing a cultural merge in such a repressive environment (Asia) is pretty good. So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done and keep up the good work to promote a positive atmopshere in both the competitive and casual communities!


On behalf of AsiaFortress, we would like to thank everyone and I mean EVERYONE that has helped contribute for every event, promotion and causes that has taken place through its lifespan. Without each and every one of you, Asiafortress and the TF2 community in general wouldn't be where it is right now. That means all the current and former admins, the website devs, the graphics developers, the theme makers (mentioning these 4 specifically for the visual work they've done - sexy mut., nnnta, Xeon-, hcaz), the community contributors, league admins, former staff, teams, players and the community in general. Thank you all for your time and effort!


With that said, let's get right down to business and get pumped for some EPIC matches ahead! A few familiar faces and some new ones, who will stomp and who will stumble? The amount of skill in Division 1 and every match having massive frag movie potential will be enough to make you collectively cream your pants 10 times in a row!


Presenting -


1. Kuso Scout


One of THE teams to look out for in AFC6. It is such a surprise seeing essentially a mix of Team execute crew, dpN and Team NFR in this season. Let's briefly go over the players to get an idea of what to expect from these guys.


Cheerio: execute-crew member. Under-rated roaming soldier from Japan that has always performed well in past tournaments. His strong points lie in his ability to surprise opponents from unorthodox map locations, rain down hell to kill off an important target such as a medic or a demo kill and completely disrupt the momentum of the enemy team. If he plays as a roamer this season, expect him to continue the trend. Cheerio baka!

namida: I have seen this nick a few times in the past but I haven't seen any of his games. Looking at Kuso Scout's roster, it's safe to assume this guy might be the medic for this team. Not much else to say other than good luck because he's gonna need it. Namida baka!

toki: Former 8 rabbits and current execute-crew member. One of the top 3/4 scouts in Japan at the moment. This guy is a solid scout, does a lot of damage, positions himself well and doesn't afraid of anything. He does have a problem with frag inconsistency so let's see if he'll be able to prove us wrong this season. toki baka!

peanut: Hoho. Depopulation (dpN) member. Presumably in the top 2 best pocket soldiers in Japan at the moment. Is possibly the reason why dpN advanced as far as they did in past events. This guy is basically THE playmaker. His plays dictate the outcome in a team fight. Me and yukari have labelled him as the back-bone for his teams in the past and we expect to see him dominate and lead his team to advantageous positions in the map. Aspiring pocket sollies might want to watch this guy and take a few lessons out of his pocket soldier book. Peanut baka!

vaac: dpN member. This guy's been around for a long long time since the old days of competitive AZN TF2. It's good to see him playing at a really high level for top teams and I persnoally wish him nothing but the best. He's an under-rated scout who's known to have his moments. He will have a huge task on his hands though if he wants his team to win the AFC6 season! vaac bakayaro!

natapon: MGE member. Top 2 best soldiers in SG/MY. Top 2 best demoman in SG/MY. One of the current heads at AsiaFortress.com and the owner of all the Asiafortress.com servers you currently enjoy. This guy has done so much for the scene, both community-wise and team that I wouldn't want to lift his testicles even higher than it already is. I'm assuming him to take the demo spot and continue his aggressive demoman style and literally drop bombs. He's known to over-extend in crucial situations which has costed his team certain fights and opponents have exploited this weak point in the past. Expect him to continue his demo domination. nata WALAOOOooooo

k1infran: Relatively new to the scene and former new recruit at NFR. k1infran comes from the CS 1.6 background so he's got an aim heavy playstyle with little scrim experience. I'm assuming him to be the bench/substitute player for Kuso Scout so unless he plays a match with his team, we won't know much more about this guy. k1infran walao.


My prediction:

Players to look out for: toki, Peanut, natapon, Cheerio

Tournament progress: Depending on the tournament format/brackets, could potentially progress to the later stages of the cup. Possibly quarters or semi's.


2. Expendables


Oh my god. OPD is fucking BACK. For those of you who haven't heard of him, this monster was termed once upon a time as the best demo in Asia. That's how good he is. This guy single handedly changes the game momentum, can 6-man clear opponent teams AND wipe his ass after a late-night kimchi dinner meal, all at the same time. That's how good he is. He has a frag movie of him cleaning out the whole Asian scene in 5 minutes. That's how good he is. He was called into Korean National Service army to serve as the Kimchi sous-chef for 2 years so he's had quite a period of inactivity. If he can retain his mental drive and focus, he will be possibly the best demoman you will ever see in AFC6.


This team has played under the name 'Dizziness' in past seasons. In almost every past cup/league, they have always placed top3. They are the best Korean TF2 team and these guys bring their A game every time they play. Interested spectators can take a look at the past replays to see some of the crazy shit every single one of these players pull off every game.


Check out the Dizziness frag movie below:




Let's go right into player bios:


Life: the primary medic for this team although I have a feeling he'll be taking the backseat/substitute role in this cup since he's got real life commitments. Life has pulled off crazy clutch ubers, saves and escapes. If you're a fan of crazy medic play, look no further.

opd: omg opd

MiA: N/A

esther: Has mained as a scout for team Dizziness. Not sure what role he will play this season but this guy loves to backstab. Expect some solid scout gameplay from him!

creep: N/A

Js: He is the Korean version of Peanut, the backbone soldier.

xeta: A veteran scout who has played in the past cups. Has an extensive CS 1.6 background so his style is obviously aim heavy but he does the job.

Neco: N/A

effy: Possibly the other soldier for Expendables

rex: Possibly soldier

Larky: Possible scout


My prediction:

Players to look out for: opd, opd, Js, esther

Tournament progress: Quarters or semis easy


3. BAMF aka BuntutJahatIbuNgentot (Ausmatralayliasia)


We're seeing a team that combines some of the best in Australia and Malaysia. This mix of players has been seen in teams such as Fuck Me Laterally (FML) and team NFR. Also fuck their team name, I hope they get chewed out by their Aussie teammates.


Player bios:


xe: Me and yukari have given much praise to xe's stellar performance as a roaming soldier in the last tournament. The general saying was if you play against xe, better look up because this guy will always be somewhere in the air jumping at your fucking face. While his opposite counter-part Cheerio depends on subtle/unorthodox ways to surprise dive enemies around the corner or something, xe prefers the direct approach. This usually results in the enemy combo (soldiers + demo) looking up at the sky mesmerized with xe's swandive while his team moves in for easy kills. Ever since xe has moved from Malaysia to Austraila for study/work, he's been playing in Div 1 teams at OzFortress.com leagues and has impressed a ton of the AU pro players with his DM skills. At one point, he was also asked to be the back-up soldier for Team Immunity (best team in AU) so you know this guy is that good. Expect him to fly a lot.

hcaz: One of the stable and consistently fragging scouts in Asia. Has also mained sodier in the past. hcaz is a playmaker who relies on important picks/kills to win situations and therefore sets the pace of the game. He has also played in some of the best Div1/Div2 OzFortress teams in the past so he brings in a TON of experience.

snowblind: N/A. Ozfortress player

bz: Ozfortress player. I've seen this guy in and out of Asian scrims and pugs. It's safe to say this guy can hold his own in a 6v6 setting but whether or not he'll be able to do exceptionally well in a high level team game rmeains to be seen.

Amril: One of the original members of Fuck Me Laterally. Has mained soldier and scout and if memory serves, has played for a top 3 OZFortress team in the past. A non given of fucks. Expect him to play in top form in this season.

Bowt: One of the all time top 3 scouts in AU/OzFortress. The reptile and Bowt scout has been labelled as the best scout duo in the Asia-Pacific region (I might be wrong here). Expect this guy to run circles around enemy teams and top the scoreboard everytime.

hipster: N/A

r3: Former NFR member from Malaysia who has played scout and soldier. An avid follower of international competitve TF2 and a passive-aggressive player. R3 has a history of choking and producing lacklustre performances. When he does play the game right, he will be able to handle his own versus enemy teams. I think r3's play and performance will be scrutinized in this cup so best of luck to him!

LALJ: LaLanjiao (syck) is widely known as one of the best CS 1.6 aimers from the SG/MY region so it's no surprise to see him take the same spot as the best top3/4 scouts. The dude plays the game right, frags like crazy and will try to annoy his opponents pre-game by going engineer sentrygun. He's also in the habit of making lame shitty jokes but it's okay to be gay and we will do the double dutchman in a motel room, friend.


My prediction:

Players to look out for: xe, Bowt, Amril, LALJ

Tournament progress: Stiff competition versus certain teams


4. LovelySweetDream


The last 3 online events have been claimed by this godly team consisting of players from Japan, Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong. LSD has been known to have some of the amazing chaotic gameplay you will ever see out of Asia. The addition of yuki (AU/Ozfortress top soldier/demo) has pulled these guys in reign and helped them seal the deal and make other high level teams look silly with 5-0 dominations. You only have to go over past VODs/commentary to see what chaotic TF2 gameplay truly means.


dohash: stupid japanese boi who plays mainly as a scout and soldier sometimes. He's really really really good and makes some of the most crazy shit work out in his favor.

xvo: The prime example of a perfectly positioned demoman in Asia. Very rarely do you see this guy make mistakes and his positioning allows him to do so so so much damage. When you watch team LSD do roll-outs, keep your spec mode on this guy.

ACFefnir: Potential demo substitute. I've been told he has a Quake background. Go quakers!

yuki: The best soldier/demo in AU/OzFortress and as everyone knows, the skill cap in AU level competitions is much higher than Asia so you can imagine how scary yuki is. Has been known to play Asian scrims or pugs with 400 fucking ping and still kick ass. Wtf?

BuBuChaCha: Life's Taiwanese medic counter-part. Crazy saves, clutches and ubers.

hh: Haven't watched this guy a lot to form an opinion about him.

Cassis: Solid scout with good positioning. Gets caught out in silly situations but mostly does well.

9: N/A

Summer: Hoh. A MGE member who mains demo. I'm guessing Summer will be the bench/substitute or possibly playing soldier. Summer relies on positioning to rain down heavy demo/soldier damage so he does really really well. Yukari and I have praised him critically for past performances where we feel he might have gotten slack from his teammates or from spectators. Summer is a solid heavy force to watch out for.


My prediction:

Players to look out for: xvo, yuki, Dohash

Tournament progress: The most consistent top online team by far. They have three 1st place cups under their record and I expect to see them in the Grand Finals yet again.



5. GreenLeaves


In GreenLeaves, we see the the reminisce of GX and some other new Japanese players. Players of note are hicook (medic), faint (soldier), burimaru (scout) and yoru (scout). I honestly do not know what to expect from these guys. I hope they've had a good reason of not joining with their former teammates for this event. Time will tell.


All players: N/A


6. Secret.tf2


In secret.tf2, we're seeing a mix of Cataclysmic (SG/MY) and some veteran puggers who have been exposed to tournaments in the past. It's hard to do specific player bios for these guys but it's safe to assume that their massive scout DM skills and xotic's amazing demo play should help them towards victory.


My prediction:

Players to look out for: xotic, 2ragic

Tournament progress: As of this moment, secret.tf2 have already lost their first game vs. BAMF. It's unsure whether these guys will have the drive to pick themselves up from a horrendous loss and bounce back. Time will tell.


7. stop be cute

Another bunch of veteran puggers who do generally well. Team name sounds like a shitty inside joke! Quick bios.


kikapoo: A soldier/medic trainee in the pug community.

halu: Veteran pugger who plays scout/soldier. Does well at most times but lacks experience in high level scrims

krtz: A pug player who's been seen in and out of the scene. Very inconsistent and I don't honestly know if he will be able to keep up with the pace.

tl;dr: No idea about this player but a few days ago, I was told tl;dr was female so I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume she's gonna medic for this team. :-) Come at me, feminists!

pizzawow: aim heavy based player. mains scout, sniper and demo. Has some deadly sniper aim.

JR: Affectionately known as juniorkuk. A veteran pugger and good demoman.

tabi: Relatively new/recent soldier in the pug community.

trio: Relatively new(?) scout in the pug community, has decent aim and is stable.

yoona: Heard about this dude a couple of times. Possibly from AU and so he should be a decent player.


Players to look out for: halu, pizzwow, JRkuk

Tournament progress: Due to the sheer amount of randomness, these group of guys definitely have a chance to pull off an upset vs the big dogs (fuck you pizzawow). Keep your eyes peeled for some comical frags!

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