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Shhhhhh, this is top secret stuff brought to you by an anonymous agent. Once you're finish reading, this thread will create an imaginary explosion so remember to pass it to friends you don't like! - Mameshi Anonymous agent


You there, sir! The one with a ridiculous amount of kills on your strange weapons, yes you! Ever thought of crossing your guns with other skilled players like yourself non-sexually but physically and very very very violently? NO? ARE YOU SCARED? HAVE THE SUN IN YOUR EYES? NEED GROUP THERAPY? NO?




Step right up, ye o' good aim and prove to the rest of the world once again that, you're not just a player with good death-match skills. Prove to them that you're a player with very very very good death-match skills.



AsiaFortress will be running an MGE tournament on (TBA) and (TBA) for the high-flying Soldier class and the ever-tiring ********** class respectively in a 1v1 MGE and ********* format!



I'm sorry guys, I had to dash before I could get more but all I heard through the door was "******", "Did you see the junk in that lady's trunk," and "healthpacks!" I'm sorry, but this was all I could get!



Well, are you guys in for a treat! I basically snuck into their meeting room while this happened before I drooled over the lunch served during lunchtime.


I heard that what's going to happen is that on the week of the tournament, "MGE points will be resetted", "MGE rankings will determine your seeding in the tournament", as well as a "I love Tharnos so much I went and..." Somewhere along those lines, definitely not part of my imagination.



For registration, I can confirm that the entry fee will be 1 reclaimed as well as an additional 1 reclaimed as deposit for players to complete the tournament like a true man!



The prize will be C*unt**-S**ik* Boat Keys as well as the pooling of the reclaimed metal! I was unable to read the main prize probably but I snapped a picture on my iPod and I could only make up those letters.


Now, I, Mame, Anonymous Agent 00, am off to collect more info from the HQ, so wish me luck! I'll bump this thread when I get more information about this tournament again! In the meantime, here are some pictures that I snagged while I was in there!MGESoldier.jpg



13/6/2012 - First entry of espionage activities.

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