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Fanfiction of fwishy and vetia



Ray woke up alone in a desolate room, the feeling of loneliness creeping up to him slowly, but surely. This feeling was nothing new to Ray however, as he's been accustomed to being alone for all his life. Getting up from the cold bed that knew no warmth, he staggered towards the bathroom to get cleaned and dressed. Gazing at the mirror, all he could see reflecting from it was a disheveled young man that had no purpose in life. It was always the same story in the morning; After seeing such a pitiful state, he vowed to change, but yet he was not resolute enough to do anything about it. No one could blame him, what else did he have to live for? He was alone in this world, with no one to enjoy the greatness and joyous thing we all have come to know as life. “I’ve long since given up….”


“Ray? Let’s go for breakfast!”


That’s right, the only thing he had in life anymore, that prevented him from doing anything foolish, was his friends. Keith, his schoolmate and best friend, was always trying to get him to do things other than staying at home rotting away. Sometimes shutting himself away from the world was the easiest way to continue surviving, nothing that can bother him, nothing that can remind him of the suffering he once felt…. Escaping was the easiest route to take, but also a most cowardly one. Getting dressed, he went to get the door where Keith had been patiently waiting. “Geez, you should at least comb your hair, you look like you just woke up!” Keith mused as he tossed Ray a peculiar black bag. Upon opening and inspecting the bag he found that it was full of daily necessities, and with them a little note which read “Please use all of it.” He carefully placed down the bag on the nearby table before coming back to ask Keith.


“Why are you doing all this for me?”


The simple question cut through the still air, silence permeating the surroundings. Keith took a deep breath and simply whispered something inaudible, almost as if he was embarrassed to speak of it. “I thought you needed some things in that old fridge of yours, you know? I don’t wanna always eat instant ramen everytime i come over~” The sudden change of mood caught Ray off guard, leaving him in shock. "I could have sworn i heard something different…"


As they walked along the asphalt pathway towards their favourite cafe, Keith tried to lighten the mood by telling jokes and short stories that have happened in his club meetings. Nothing seemed to work though, as Ray remained stoic as ever, managing to scoff at one of the stories of a club mate being unable to get out of the club room due to leaving the key behind in the main office. This continued until they were standing outside their destination.  rose blanche, the huge signboard read, looming above them. The waiters here were nice enough to leave Ray alone, letting him savour his meals in solitude, which was something he really enjoyed. Today however, he was joined by Keith, who seemed to never stop talking. Sometimes Ray wished Keith would be able to perceive that he did not want to continue talking, and that he just wanted to silently sit and rot away. “I’ll have a Lemon Cheese cake, thanks.” Keith always ordered the same thing, without even looking for new specials in the menu. Ray ordered a Red Velvet cake, and they sat in absolute silence, patiently awaiting their orders to arrive. The suffocating silence became too hard to bear, and Ray could not hold his confusion in anymore.


Why me?


Ray blushed knowing it was a strange question, his cheeks stained red with awkward embarrassment. The words came out louder and sharper than he anticipated, and he immediately regretted his decision. He did not expect an answer, rather he did not even expect to blurt out his question. “Here’s your orders, enjoy!” The waiter chimed as she brought the two dainty pastries towards the both of them. Keith was still stunned by the sudden outburst, and he did not know how to reply. He took a small nibble of his Lemon Cheese cake, and he just gave a small grin in return…

Because i like you.


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