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Part 10

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I didn't have the heart to K1lled what I though was going on. He seemed so besotted with ev at the time, I couldn't bare to see him heart broken. So I kept it to myself. I was a master at that now as I had kept my love hidden for 2 years.

So for the next 2 days, I kept it all inside. But every time I saw Ev and Itache talking or walking together, I felt an anger flood through me. How could she cheat on K1lled? How could she be prepared to break his heart?

Okay Smiley, calm down. You still don't know the facts. It was time for me to go detective!

And I also need to stop hanging around with k1tty so much.

So its decided. I wont K1lled anything until I find out if there is anything going on between ev and Itache. That sounds like a good plan. And I know the perfect person to help me with this.



"Come on, k1tty."

"No! I cant spy on ev and Itache."

"Keep your voice down. And it wouldn't be spying exactly. Its more likeā€¦keeping an eye open for them when they are alone together and seeing if they do anything that friends shouldn't do."

"Still spying Smiley. You're really not good at this."

"Thanks k1tty. But I really need your help."

"Why is this seeming more and more like Big Brother?"


"Fine, fine. The things I do for you Smiley. When you and K1lled get married I demand to be Maid of Honour."

"Fine, you can-What?!"

"Never mind Smiley. So all I have to do is keep an eye open for them?"


"Cool. Operation 'look out for blondie and Sir I'm-a-gimp-a-lot' commences." I groan and smack a hand to my forehead. Oh to be that sea urchin.

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