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    Gamers United is excited to announce that we are the FIRST gaming community in Australasia with the rights to host CS:GO Closed Beta servers just for you!! That’s right – Gamers United have 10 servers available for you hidden away in a bunker at an undisclosed location in NSW!!


    You can find a game here:

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #01

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #02

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #03

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #04

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #05

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #06

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #07

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #08

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #09

    GamersUN | CS:GO - #10


    Jump in –Frag hard – don’t forget to run it in to your entire jealous friends list that don’t have a key!!


    Please note, this is the first release of Beta Server we have already discovered a number of bugs and filed them with Valve. TO manually connect to our servers open console via ~ and type connect ip : port


    If you want a chance of getting a key Like Us on Facebook


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    The Recent Rumble de Royal event featured 28 soldiers fighting it out to being champion. After intense battles and a number of amazing airshots, yoog and obv remained in the competition. The finals featured yoog vs obv where yoog had a great start but obv's persistence got the better of the battle and allowed him to win the first Rumble de Royal event!


    Thank you to all those who participated and we have created a review thread so you guys can give opinions on how you think the event was held and whether we should continue running this event on a monthly or fortnight basis!


    Link to thread here







    Hello folks, another event comes along now! Presenting Rumble de royal. Soldiers will battle to control the point. Following the concept of cp_turris, this map is a bigger scale version of cp_turris. The limit of the number of people that can sign up is 32 players. Teams will be generated randomly and fairly.



    *******IMPORTANT*******The losing team will not be eliminated. The rules have changed to prevent unsupportive and non-team-play players to be promoted to further stages of this event. Now, the top halves from each team will progress into the next round and the bottom halves from each team will be eliminated. For example, in the first round of 16v16, featuring team 1 vs team 2. The top 8 players from each team will move forward to the next round in the "8vs8" category. Following this, again the top 4 from these teams will then more forward to the 4 vs 4 and it goes on to the last man standing in the "1vs1" category.


    There will be no time limit for this map. Server used is Asiafortress server 5.


    The respawn time will differ according to the number of people that remain in the competition:-

    • 16v16 - 4 second respawn time
    • 8v8 - 3 second respawn time
    • 4v4 - 2 second respawn time
    • 2v2 - instant respawn time
    • 1v1 - instant respawn time




    Click here to register


    Click here to download map

    • Sign up is free
    • Map - cp_4to1
    • Registration Limit - 32 players
    • Date of event - Saturday 18/2/12




    Credit to iridescentFuzz for the awesome poster!


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    Ever wondered what new maps are out there? Ever wondered who makes them?

    Well Gamers United is giving you the opportunity to find out!!


    On Sunday 26th February 2012 from 3.30pm – 8.30pm AEDST

    You will be able to play these maps for as long as you like as much as you like!!

    You will have 5 hours to play 5 maps & vote for your favourite!

    The top 2 most popular maps as voted by you will feature in a 6v6 exhibition match from 8.30pm


    Live on STV, cast by Greaver!!


    Stay tuned to find out what maps you will be unleashed upon & who the invited teams will be!!






    Welcome to Greaver vs The News for this week. There has been some awesome action this week including some awesome ESEA Intermediate and Open games, more epic Premiership action from ETF2L and of course Respawn LAN for those who braved Melbourne so check it out below.


    Respawn LAN took place this weekend at the Latrobe University in Melbourne and saw a sizeable ozfortress contingent set up for the weekend and jump into some epic LAN action. Stand out teams included both Tom+5 and Inversion Therapy - GreaverTV was all set up to cover the matches live and we get did bits and pieces covered but unfortunately the TF2 side was plauged by network issues which were later determined to be in part the result of a dieing piece of network equipment, a post produced cast of the Grand Finals will be available in the next two days on GreaverTV.


    I'd like to give a big shoutout to everyone who attended, especially the ozfortress admin team who spent a large part of the LAN trying to get things working.




    ozfortress News


    We are only a week away from the release of the OWL7 Sign ups thread so get your teams in order and start locking in your rosters people because we are almost ready to lock and load.

    Don't have a team yet? Check out this



    Don't get caught without backups because noone likes to forfeit - check out this forum.



    Highlander is getting to the really exciting portion of the competition so check out Tony's run down on what's coming up and keep an eye out for some epic Live Highlander action!


    "With Fray winning their playoff decider last night and AGDI narrowly edging out Duf for the honour of second place in Group A, we're now on to the playoff stage. The teams going through to the knockout stage are:

    • Earth Defence Force
    • E-Weasel Gaming
    • GTSOM
    • vR
    • Hoobastank Fanclub
    • Occupied
    • Fray
    • AGDI


    For the remaining 10 teams, we have a format of 3 matches a week, with 1 map per match. This ensures each team will play eachother, while keeping it within the same time boundry as the upper bracket. We'll have the matches ups for single elimination and round robin up either tonight, or tomorrow morning.The maps for the next round are:

    You'll find the matches for each bracket here:

    Upper Bracket || Lower Bracket



    You can also look at how the upper bracket is currently progressing here."


    OZFL this week saw dk stomp DialUp gaming with a 5:1 victory while SQL delivered a solid 5:2 victory over GTSOM

    Round 72 - TITLE MATCH: iM defeats vR via 5:0


    Round 73 - TITLE SHOT: lotb defeats Untitled 5:4



    This week we covered plenty of games so buckle in and check em' out - I will make a thread in the next few days but just a heads up that I will cover everything you chuck at me from ozfl, OWL7 and the Highlander league so get at me people because demos break monthly, casts are forever <3



    2166 are a newer team in OZFL who approached me recently about having a couple of their games casted - the clanleader is a bona fidé GC so I jumped on them immediately and managed to enlist both Comedian from VanillaTV and Agro from Kritzkast to cover their Gravel Pit match so catch that below


    I also had the pleasure of interviewing Havoc MD, 2166 clan leader about their clan and their experience in ozfotress so far so check that interview out below.


    I also had some highlander games lined up to do live this week but had some PC issues - shoutout to Seeker for helping me sort my machine out, I am sure the ministry of education is going to turn up any moment and take my IT certs off me but in the meantime I will try and get that awesome Fray vs GTSOM game casted because apparently it was crazy.






    ESEA Intermediate and Open League Playoffs




    This week has seen some simply awesome games in the Intermediate division with Laser Beams securing a finals position with an extremely tight win over Washed Up gaming (first VOD below). Dinosaurs rolled Xenity 5-1 which wasn't entirely expected while Leviathan Gaming cut it far closer than expected with a 5:2 victory over Beybladers.


    Check out Immolations excellent weekly news post where he aggregates up and coming games for many different leagues and regions - its a great way to identify the big games coming your way




    And ofcourse make sure you check out this weeks edition of eXtravision - the recently launched eXtv show that covers all sorts of major TF2 news. There is ozfortress news this week so make sure you check it out.







    ETF2L Season 11 Kicks Off


    As you can imagine the premier division in ETF2L is as epic as we expected and there have been some huge games so far this season - I am working on an in-depth write up and hopefully an interview soon but in the meantime check out the top game from this week and the current standings.



    Premier Division Playoffs

    • 4th vs 3rd: March 18th – March 24th
    • Winner vs 2nd: March 25th – March 31st or sooner
    • Winner vs 1st: April 1st – April 7th or sooner

    Again if you have feedback or if there is news you would like to see covered or any game you would like to see coverage of post below - Have a good week people