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    Play tf2 spy alot and is lika boss

    Learning demo, medic and solly plus scout
  1. FredKillar

    Weekly Highlander Mix 26th October 2012

    Sry didnt see spy taken.... Big told me Phantom switch to heavy.... sry
  2. FredKillar

    Spy looking for HL Clan....

    Am a spy.... i want to go into comp.... in a clan called Asian Espionage... its a spy clan... I am the 2nd head there..... I really looking for a clan pls HEPL OUT :3
  3. FredKillar

    Highlander Tourney

    Problem is that u can't find hl clans anymor...
  4. FredKillar

    Highlander Tourney

    Ummm if u can like host lobbies on everday I wont mind but the time, I hope it wont be too late... It will be great if u all can host lobbies in the afternoon... we can use AFL server 4 right? Its a highlander server actually
  5. FredKillar

    Lobby 9v9

    Hey guys just asking like when u guys host 9v9 lobbies.... I see my friends playing and i dun mind playing spy for a random team..... But everytime i want to join a lobby is a PUG 6v6 D: So is there a specific timing for lobbies 9v9? Thanks ~Dream Walker
  6. FredKillar

    Demo recording in tf2 for mac??!!!

    Hey guys, I noe that recording is possible... But How to make it into a video? like export to .avi or .mov IDK how.... I see people doing it on CS
  7. FredKillar

    Pain train

    Is Pain train allowed in PUG?
  8. FredKillar

    General Server List

    Is it possible to at least put one or 2 replays into the severs pls
  9. FredKillar

    Spy in PUG

    Thx for the mentoring DarKie Take note of that thx

  11. FredKillar

    Spy in PUG

    Ok i understand now.. Dun use spy unless its 9v9 or we really losing? Am i right?
  12. FredKillar

    Have a 9v9 also

    But can we use the eclub sever to organize a highlander without using clan....?
  13. FredKillar

    Spy in PUG

    So should i use spy cos its my best class compared to scout solly or demo
  14. FredKillar

    Have a 9v9 also

    Hey guys... I was just playing tf2 when i tot of the 9v9 PUG.... I not sure if it is a PUG but was wondering if we could have more 9v9..... one of every class would be nice We can have like CLAN VS CLAN..... Hope u guys can do something about it
  15. FredKillar

    Spy in PUG

    Hey guys, I really want to try out the spy gameplay for PUG... I noe the basic side stabs and the staristabs and trickstabs but not so sure if its good for a 6v6... Pls help mentor me on how i can support as a spy? I love spy alot...