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  1. Pickled_Orange

    [Week 1 Round 1] SkyCast vs. -Le.

    Please do post them, or get the other team to confirm win/loss. Latter would be preferable.
  2. Pickled_Orange

    [Week 1 Round 1] SkyCast vs. -Le.

    Please update thread as necessary. Was around for both maps, Le vs Skycast cp_freight-> Le. 5 Skycast 0 Cp_snakewater-> Le. 5 Skycast 0 Le. wins this round
  3. Pickled_Orange

    Some good stuff I found a while ago.

    http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/kvva0/iama_former_toplevel_medic_ama/ http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/kx32k/iama_top_european_medic_taimou_edition_ama/ inb4 redditlol I found it pretty insightful, along with Yuko's guide.
  4. Pickled_Orange

    I need a team

    Wrong way to do this, bro. Add yourself to the free agent list inside the forum, don't make new threads. (I think.)
  5. Not sure if delusional or trolling
  6. I used to main pyro, and I'm telling you it's not as easy as you think it is. Same reason why you don't usually see pyros being used in scrims or pugs, because they're extremely situational. My take on this is that while it wouldn't hurt to have pyros in MGE, it wouldn't make that much of a difference since the pyro is outclassed unless it can get up close, and even then all it takes to kill the pyro would be a rocket to the face, a scattergun blast to aforementioned region, or even- Point is, that it'll usually fall back into bouts of W+M1ing before long. Since we're at this why not add medics into MGE then
  7. Pickled_Orange

    I don't Hack Bitches

    Stop being a little bitch, Pizza. Seriously, I try to defend you and you keep pulling this shit.
  8. Pickled_Orange


    old news pgtf2 had a great wtf over this grats babyshawn hall of fame/shame
  9. Pickled_Orange

    A Suggestion

    Followed by him and you RQ-ing on badlands
  10. Pickled_Orange

    everyone should play like this

    Is he autistic or just fucking situationally stupid, jesus christ what the hell
  11. Pickled_Orange

    A Suggestion

  12. Pickled_Orange

    A Suggestion

    I think one thing to take into consideration is each player's individual pugging track record- You gotta get those down pat first, I guess. Your chances of getting picked pretty much drop if you gave your team problems before, like not having a mic or not listening to team mates. It's something to keep in mind that people in general do not want to lose. The fact that this community is pretty tightly knit and small makes it all the more worse, since word travels around fast. I don't mind the current system, honestly speaking. I'm a new medic myself, so I'm not too sure myself, but it seems that being in the server early, and having a sound track record pretty much determine if you'll be picked, based on the people my team mates tell me to pick(most of the time). Well, don't worry, you'll always have the chance to have a turn. I mean, even Calvin GOR(Best Calvin ever) and Cheesus got to play. Just hang around a bit more, get into mumble so as to facilitate plays and have a mic? Iunno what to say anymore, maybe a more experienced member could provide more ideas on how the system can be improved?
  13. Pickled_Orange

    Request to server admins

    True. Then again I'm kind of a meathead. Oh well.
  14. Pickled_Orange

    spammah willing to mentor

    Requesting your guidance, hopefully this isn't another troll thread.