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  1. Otuzi

    AFL5 Division Format Poll

    @mameshiba, I feel 3 divisions is better if they will be implementing relagation/promotion status. Those Div 3 pwners will soon get promoted to div 2, and they will play against people their level. the only thing im scared of is those people in a sort of div 2.5. better than div 3, but worse than div 2. they will float in between the lines, promotion - relegation - promo. so on. that sucks. but if you are implementing only 2 divs, there might be a surge of players, due to the div 3 players mixing with div 2. the number of div 2 players would be almost twice that of div 1, and this will cause big problems in the finals. div 2 will then require extra matches. and the top 3 or 2 of each div would be promoted, the bottom 2 or 3 demoted, and the top 3 for league 1 receive some prize. like hats, or metal or w/e. OR they receive auto-qualification for the next upcoming BIGBIG tourny. not small ones like VSH. i mean big ones like MASTERS.
  2. Otuzi

    AFL5 Division Format Poll

    I once saw two div 4 scouts fighting each other. they ran out of ammo for both scattergun AND pistol, and took about 4 mins to kill the other with a bat. and crits was on. im happy to say even pubbers in asia can beat div 4 guys in Aus..
  3. our team is having serious problems with the hat distribution. fffff.
  4. Its really funny because i gathered the first members, and registered them, but couldn't play at all. lol:D
  5. Otuzi

    Skill levels: Divisions

    2-3 pugs = Div 1 ? O.O
  6. Otuzi

    Saxton Hale Highlander Event Sign Ups!

    Team name: Hale Highlanders Team Leader: EpiclSkyrim™ Members: EpiclOgg:scout: Sequex:soldier: [b.SHIT]Biotics:pyro: EpiclMr.Styruhfoam:demoman: Oh. The ubermensch ^^;:heavy: EpiclCamou:engineer: EpiclSkyrim:medic: Pharg:sniper: KitX:spy: Contacts: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024415183 (EpiclSkyrim) http://steamcommunity.com/id/camoukill (EpiclCamou)
  7. Otuzi

    2011 Team Registry

    Name : EpicGehming Country : Singapore, Malaysia Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/epicgehming/ Skill level : AFA Avalibility : Nights, 8-11 Weeklies : confirm with contacts first Contacts : EpiclSkyrim™,Epiclcamou,
  8. Otuzi

    Possible events that can be held?

    why not 9v9? that was ep1c.
  9. Otuzi

    Possible events that can be held?

    smaller teams = not really balanced gameplay:/ sniper with hax aiming can easily take out the demo and scout and weaken the solly. and spy. good spy. i hate good spy:(
  10. Otuzi


    WAIT. lol. firstly, thanking k for hosting the server and allowing us the chance to play, secondly, asking thlousy to calm down, thirdly, telling austinrufuseo that we could have a scrims most likely after the EOY exams, (17 days weee), and finally, about AFA. yes. afa, the topic which has grown from a seed to a full blown tree with durains dropping on issac newtons's head everynow and then. so what? you ask. whats so important about it that gets people quarreling? it is the sole event, until now which i heard of, that gradually opens up the exclusive and private competitive tf2 groups, those which could roll over a pub server on a ratio of 20 kills to 1 death, to those who are new, that wants in. so, if i might, problem, 1. pros, allowed in pug or not? solution currently: yes, except div 1 players, could be changing to become all allowed. 2.if pros allowed, what would become of learning? solution : YOURSELF. YES. looking back, at the rare times i made it to spec not the last, and playing as a solly, getting screamed at was not too fun, but certainly, it helped me learn how rollouts were during pugs. like K said, competition weeds the weak. those whos egos are like mirrors which break on a flick, you will stay in AFA for a long time. you will never go into the normal scene, and likely never improve. however, there is the case of a steamroll being too much, and the whole game won under 5 minutes. then what would you think? the game being wasted? best thing to do? get recordings. then see how they get to mid that quickly. and learn. most players cant be bothered by this and say 'oh noooo. practise makes perfect!' fcuk that. you could steamroll newbies for 5 hours and not learn a thing. score 1st round : 15. score 2nd round: 30 score 3rd round: 45 score. so? it dosent really help. playing against higher leveled players trains you faster, as you learn how they gel together easier. i support yuko's side though, about DM dicks changing names and coming in to frag people. that is them. we cant stop it can we? after all, the admin team is small and busy enough.
  11. Otuzi

    AFA pugs

    i dont mind. lols. another thing we have to solve is the players NOT using mumble during pugs. this reallly irritates me. a good/winning game will decide on whether or not the team has good comms/skilllevel w/e. but i feel comms is really important. should we have a 'no mumble no play' rule? (tabi carried us all the way for the first match)
  12. Otuzi


    Most(certainly not all) are near their teenage periods i.e (12-22)yrs old, and have exams to study for, parents to satisfy, girlfriends to keep happy, homework to do, stupid pw that takes up 50% of my night life, and others. so most likely everything should pick up during june hols, where my gf will finally leave me alone. :B
  13. Otuzi

    AFA pugs

    thats so.. ouch xD the only medic i heard of that drops uber on rollout because of fall dmg>
  14. Otuzi

    AFA pugs

  15. Otuzi

    AFA pugs

    AFA!?!?!!! IMPOSSIBLE.