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  1. Name: Bolts Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/boltsflamehaze/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24283249
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    Steam on iOS

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    Introduction thread!

    hi. nice buds u has thar.
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    Singapore TF2 gathering

    your house la. so jialat.
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    Singapore TF2 gathering

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    Singapore TF2 gathering

    y so sad? :<
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    [Week 1 Round 1] SkyCast vs. -Le.

    So you guys playing on Thursday at 9.30PM?
  8. The first Division 1 Match will kick off in a few moments with MeGustaEsports( or MGE) vs team dangen! SourceTV is available here. RESULTS RESULTS [align=center]cp_obscure 3 - 2 to Team Dangen cp_badlands 4 - 3 to MGE cp_snakewater forfeit win to Team Dangen MGE - [ natapon, xe, cleric, lalj, summer, havok (xvo for badlands) ] Team Dangen - [ effy, kt08, neco, slug, sup, heacout ] [/align] For quick updates, add us at the following social mediums. : http://www.facebook.com/asiafortress : http://twitter.com/asiafortress
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    AFL5 - Servers and Matches

    Done, and done. Thanks
  10. Results of First Map [cp_granary]: 5 - 0 cRs - HappyFace Results of Second Map [cp_freight_final]: 5 - 0 cRs - HappyFace
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    AFL5 Kicks Off!

    : http://www.facebook.com/asiafortress : http://twitter.com/asiafortress
  12. This list contains the matches scheduled to be on the server. Singapore- StarHub e-Club #19 | SourceTV StarHub e-Club #20 | SourceTV AsiaFortress.com #1 | SourceTV 7th December 9pm: Team Trolly vs Ikea Stickies 9th December 10pm: Team Trolly vs Sexy Team AsiaFortress.com #3 | SourceTV 7th December 8pm: SkyCast vs define. TF2 Taiwan- Hong Kong- hsp.hk #1 | SourceTV Korea- [MANIA] Korean scrim match server - maniatf.com | SourceTV [MANIA] Korean PUG match - maniatf.com | SourceTV Japan- dpN Private Server | SourceTV TF2 TJT match server01 TF2 TJT match server02
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  14. Match has been rescheduled for 4th week. Dateline by which it has to be played: Thursday, 22nd December
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    All-star team

    i run to Dallas. bye.