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  1. Hello, I am Joel Of Mindanao . Everyday Im Live 969 ping and Im Sad That I dont See my friend Anymore Because THey Look Like a Teleport Before Im Ok and play with 60 ping with zeised and fry everyday But Now My internet shit and It has been 2 years Since I last Play properly Please Host Asia Fort Lan in mindanao So that I can See My Friend and Support My Education Dream ( Go to Manila For school and escape Mindanao) Now Im Only Play Clash Of Clans And I want to be the strongest barbarian For My Family Now Im work At macdondald And My Pay Is 10000 pesos I want to go to manila with only 5000 pesos And the other 5000 pesos I will use clash Of Clans . Today It was so sad Day Because While I was serving Customer In Macondal . The customer respecct my clash of clans grind But the Boss Took Reduced My Wages Im going to Be Homeless Soon . . . . . 5000 peso Is not enough I can only eat 1 Frogs a week THE WORLD IS CRUEL BUT THE GOD IS JEWEL .