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    TF2 is now FREE

    I AGREE. MY HUD :'<
  2. as stated, comp players are allowed to play, register and the organizers in charge will reply you asap if you are allowed to. thanks! changes to post (24/06/11) change of rules (comp players) changes to post (26/06/11) added prizes
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    RE: LAN

    benny, i saw the reply you typed in this thread abt editing stuffs to make this community a better place, so i edited your front post to make it sound a little bit better. hope you don't mind! and removed GTFO The Mailbox.
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    with love, spammah

    idk if it can be seen, but link anas' fave. song, discuss.8).
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    with love, spammah

    she got a donk. donk. donk. donk x1000000000 end of song
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    The Stonemother

    whoever who changed solaris' username i dont think its nice of him/her to do so. abusing admin rights thr and making things worse. so kindly change it back please.
  7. teal

    June LAN 6v6 Tournament Registration

    GTFO The Mailbox teal Madman Wish Sean Krypt jaee
  8. The winning team, KevLar2 (now known as CanLah2, inspired by Canlah2), had a request which was to do a write up on CanLah2 and to thank him for his commitment to the team despite undergoing tremendous pressure from hyper, blood thirsty, retarded teammates. CanLah2 was a normal fisherman, catching fishes for a living and supporting his family until he resorted to gaming to release the stress from daily life. Knowing the holy mackerel was released in TF2, he went on an all out rampage to start fishing for them (as you can see) and created a collection of them. Feeling that this did not suffice, he formed a team, KevLar2, with his friends to get some blood spill. CanLah2 showed great commitment to the team as well as the game. Donning on his MannCo cap in whatever classes he played, he settled on playing a soldier with an equalizer. He won the hearts of his teammates by executing many suicidal bomber attempts in the middle of serious fights despite having 99% of them denied or others would say, ‘I think 50% just goes to committing suicide’. Being a great strategist in fishing, he made his team form a wall of heavies equipped with warrior’s spirit (like fish nets) in front of their medics which proved to be impossible to penetrate despite any other teams with the stronger melee power and range. Being a fisherman brought CanLah2’s precision and accuracy up to perfection and these skills were handed down to huntsmen, Cake and Wish as shown by their deadly arrows. His taunt, ‘UMADCUZUBACKSCRATCHED’ further motivated Sean to perform well in his backscratcher skills and medics, feeling the love from him, did their best to healing the team as much as possible. If you ever need a leader, get CanLah2. He will inspire you with his Holy Mackerel stories. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
  9. [/center] CONGRATS TO KEV_LAR_2 ON WINNING THE BLOOD FEST MELEE FIGHT Servers hostname: e-Club | TF2 #3 - Asiafotress.com udp/ip : map : cp_degrootkeep sourcetv: port 27021, delay 90.0s hostname: e-Club | TF2 #4 - Asiafotress.com udp/ip : map : koth_sawmill sourcetv: port 27023, delay 90.0s Rules -cp_degrootkeep will be played with no win limit and no time limit (until the natural map conditions are over) -The global clock will be set to 20 minutes -Within this time two sets of two will be played. Attack, defend, then attack and defend again. THERE WILL BE NO NEED TO SWITCH TEAMS LIKE YOU DO IN COMPETITIVE CP_GRAVELPIT GAMES. -By 20 minutes each team should have attacked twice and defended twice. In the event of a draw, a melee-only golden cap of koth_sawmill will be played as tiebreaker. -In koth_sawmill teams will be required to hold the hill for 3 minutes to secure a win. The first team to get ONE cap will be declared the winner. (i.e. the winlimit is 1- the game ends at 1:0. It is a golden cap tiebreaker)
  10. teal

    Degrootkeep brackets

    LOL not an issue for me, but we have to ask zach if its possible
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    Degrootkeep brackets

  12. teal

    Fooooooood :<

    like i've been calling you. PIG!
  13. teal

    jedi knightz frag video

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW <3 damn chaos!
  14. teal

    Pub vs Pros

    agree One more and I'm cancelling it. derp dont waste my efforts on the poster! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
  15. I present to you.. first ever DEGROOTKEEP CUP Map: cp_degrootkeep Date : 29th Apr 2011, Friday - 1st May 2011, Sunday. Starting 8PM (GMT +8) on all 3 days. Match Mode: 10 V 10, Single Elimination Servers : To be confirmed once I get the confirmed number of teams participating Registration Information & Rules 1. It is open to anyone who is interested. There are no skill restrictions or skill/experience-based divisions (you don’t need to be a pro, it’s a fun event, so just chill out and join :> ) 2. Registration has ended 3. Players may only play for one team 4. You may sign up as a free agent/in a group/as a team. Teams will be allocated to you if you do not have one. Do send in your entry in this format (NAME(S) / STEAM PROFILE URL/ TEAMNAME) 5. Do ensure the availability of subs for your team so that the match proceeds smoothly with minimal interruptions 6. Brackets will be released as soon as sign-ups close Gameplay 7. Do refer to the weapon and class limitations below Admin 8. Teal, Madman are the head admins for this mini event. Do contact us should you have any queries or if you do not have a team (we’ll allocate you to one) Participants List!
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    Pub vs Pros

    And no pub.
  17. teal

    Pub vs Pros

    Hehehehehehehehe anas! Thanks thanks
  18. teal

    AFL cp_degrootkeep Cup!

    awesomely done milk :>
  19. Hey milk, errors in the demo titles. Spammah VS Moony (not teal)