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  1. YourTypicalPinoy|Road2HalesOwn

    AFC 13 Key Dates and Map Pool

    May I ask,what are divisions?
  2. YourTypicalPinoy|Road2HalesOwn

    Hello!I wish to join a team :)

    Hello,I'm new.I wish to join a team so enhance my skills :). Prefered division : I don't know,1/3 probably. Nationality : Filipino Steam Link :http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198265307474/ I could play as scout,medic or soldier.I could Only play during saturdays and sundays.I currently have 1.2k Hours in Teamfortress 2
  3. YourTypicalPinoy|Road2HalesOwn


    Hello,I'm new to competitive TeamFortress 2,I wish to join a team so I can train my skills :).