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    Gamers United Launches New Servers in Singapore

    Hi there..could you kindly include a jump map & a deathmatch server as well? Many thanks! bot2001
  2. laglikehell

    [Week 3 Round 4] PGTF2 vs. cRs

    PGTF2 pick cp_gully bot2001
  3. laglikehell

    [Week 3 Round 4] PGTF2 vs. cRs

    PGTF2 eliminate cp_gran bot2001
  4. laglikehell

    [Week 1 Round 2] PGTF2 vs. Team HappyFace

    PGTF2 vs. Team HappyFace cp_gullywash_final1 4-3 to PGTF2 cp_warmfront 3-1 to PGTF2 GG Team HappyFace! Many thanks bot2001
  5. laglikehell

    All-star team

    Scouts: LALJ, Brandon, r3sty, hcaz Soldiers: xe, xilver, natapon Demo: bigfooot,summer Medic: cleric, Brandon Bot2001
  6. laglikehell

    Free Agent List

    Name: bot2001 Class: Demoman Country: Singapore Languages Spoken: English,Malay Available Playing Times: GMT+8 after 2030HRS Skill Level: Div 2 Steam Community Page: - Other Information:- Jord
  7. laglikehell


    Obv im not ugly i look good with haruhi beanie ok. Afa was fun.I see talents but how long will you guys continue to play in afa pug?how long will you give yourself before you take a step higher? Jord
  8. laglikehell


    Hire me! Jord
  9. laglikehell

    offering medic lessons

    Div dropped 4 uber but its great to see he's back!
  10. laglikehell

    TF2 Masters GRAND FINALS

    Update the afl hall of fame Cata lan champs Jord
  11. laglikehell

    viewmodel off/on?

    0 viewmodel for all classes Jord
  12. I want to hari raya la benny Jord
  13. laglikehell

    Coming Soon: Asiafortress Academy!

    Pretty poster! Jesus! Good luck to those who have signed up for this event as well as emir and kig Cheers! Jord
  14. laglikehell

    Guide to customizing your TF2

    Awesome cobalt! Jord
  15. laglikehell

    What mouse do you use?

    Deathadder 3500 dpi Windows sens 4/11 Ingame 1.3 8" for 360 deg Jord