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    Singapore TF2 gathering

    Macdonald's party room with ronald as guest star. Party hats n balloons, suitable for all ages.
  2. route6ix


    I think this rule needs some reconsideration. How long do these ban last anyway?
  3. route6ix

    I don't Hack Bitches

    I loled at this. +1
  4. route6ix

    I don't Hack Bitches

    ^ LOL +1
  5. route6ix


    lets all take a step back, watch this video n be enlightened. 6x xoxoxoxo
  6. route6ix


    You can't expect ur pace to increase unless u play with better people. Being kept in ur bubble u might think u're fast enough but it just might not be. I honestly think u'll learn more playing with experienced players. Rollout etc are to be practiced on ur own time n not in a pug, those are fundamentals n u do not need 11 others to watch u rollout. Enforce e list n everyone gets to play. If someone doesn't it's e responsibility for those in e server to enforce. Don't be afraid of being rolled, it's part of e game or 'initiation' in some sense. Most of e older players went through tt. I know my team was rolled 6maps on our very first game n many more after. For e newer teams, real glad tt u guys are taking ur game to e next level. If you guys want a team to scrim with, look up se7en, 2ragic or me (6x) n we'll be more than happy to play with u guys n go through e mistakes after e map if u guys want. I promise my team won't troll. All the best to e new teams out there I hope u guys stick it through. It's real tough starting out in e scrim scene just endure e losses, it will be difficult to but u'll see the results soon after. Raging at each other is part n parcel, so just chill once e burst is over. Tldr : have fun, not war 6x # Xoxoxo
  7. route6ix

    What happened to the pickup servers?

    im willing to chip in for a comp server as well
  8. route6ix

    Toughluck's view on #

    damn, u found the key for codes.
  9. route6ix

    offering medic lessons

    looks like the medics out there know better
  10. route6ix

    Post masters cup teams discussion

    its time for #Redemption, stop the trolling and start coaching. With that being said, Codes n Keys would definitely be continuing on. We missed out on masters, we arent going to miss AFL. Contact anyone in my team if you guys wanna scrim
  11. route6ix

    Starhub e-Club servers map cycles

    i think mge wld be awesome
  12. route6ix

    Pub vs Pros Round 4

    i sense aggression. or i cld just be wrong.
  13. route6ix

    Dedicated MGE server

    yea atm fragnetics seems like the only one, its 65 for 12 slots, 95 for 14, 125 for 16. anyone knows which host nattan was using? checked, fragnetics stopped hosting tf2 servers.
  14. route6ix


    hey bran, i wld gladly have u as my mentor for scout/sniper. i need alot of help on the sniper part.
  15. route6ix

    Dedicated MGE server

    Im thinking about starting a dedicated MGE server. i would like to know the community thoughts about it. anyone knows a reasonably priced host? thanks in advance for your input.