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  1. Vronsky


    Hey all, before the season starts I'd like to ask you guys to submit any amazing frags/killstreaks/airshots/headshots that you acquire over the course of AFC13 to me! Yes, there might be a frag video if there are enough submissions. I can't make it if there are no submissions. But do take note: Only official frags in matches are counted. Scrims do not count. Division does not matter. If you have a airshot on me, I'd definitely put it in the video. Name your files as: Tick-Name-DescriptionOfKills.dem (e.g. 1337-joe-5k.dem) You can upload them to WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Mega. If you have the STVs, even better, but not required. Have a great season fragging, everyone!
  2. Vronsky


    Hi guys, Looking for a little team to join as a medic! Need some experience as I'm new to this meta. Have experience as Mercy on Overwatch!!!!!!