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  1. coldblood

    What happened to the pickup servers?

    Okay, then.
  2. coldblood

    What happened to the pickup servers?

    Shameful, Cherry. Didn't expect you to behave this way. Anyway, let's stay on topic, please.
  3. coldblood

    What happened to the pickup servers?

    My question is, if this game is so irrelevant in your opinion and "dead" as you've put it. Why are you here? I mean, you're preaching to the choir if you're reaffirming the state of the game, as people that play/browse here would already be aware of it. Therefore the underhanded remarks get more redundant with every post. Cut it out.
  4. Good game, well played. Nice sniping by LALJ on Viaduct.
  5. coldblood

    Lower Bracket Masterful vs Channel X

    Well played. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8948931/atlas.7z Should've just asked me instead of going offline? Enjoy.
  6. coldblood

    Post Ham Era

    You can take initiative but unless you're not consistent or lack the foresight to give it shape, nurture it and see it through, it'll fall flat on it's face. Consistency is the golden term of life, it applies everywhere and a video game league is no exception. As I said, getting the right people is more important than getting those who appear to be right. You're sounding like a broken record. Honestly, I get that you're giving us some hindsight but this thread is hardly about "See I told you so" - it's about reform and change. And neither will happen if you loop "gg, its dead" - and honestly, if you do, in your heart of hearts, feel the game lacks the oomph or if you have lost appreciation for it, then okay. I am not trying to sound like a condescending jerk, I just don't see how repeating something of that nature, is productive. Especially in an environment where the OP was suggesting ways to reform and resuscitate the community. Past is past, let sleeping dogs lie. Focus on the future instead of obsessing over what has come and gone. Learn from the mistakes, as they say. I understand you're annoyed by the people (newbies) that seemingly spoil the pickups, but at the same time, its better to look for a solution in regards to it. e.g., lobbies and/or multiple pickup servers with small player cap (12-14 etc)
  7. coldblood

    Post Ham Era

  8. coldblood

    Post Ham Era

    Apologies if I go off-topic but I felt the need to put some proper context; A rejuvenation at this point, can only be brought on by a fundamental policy change. There are many levels to this discussion, actually; For starters, if one wants a big community, he/she would have to be conducive to attract newer players and have a supportive environment so they stick around after they become a part and not drift away. In most cases, a game's longevity is associated with the community that backs it up. Now, for the most part, that holds true - however, in TF2's case, people are quick to write off it as dead. Whereas the reality is, Valve won't let it die. As a product, it's extremely profitable and the competitive community, while thinks they are the most important and center of attention, account for a minority of players that play the game. Whether TF2 lives or dies is not dependent upon the 6v6 matches, it's dependent upon the 12v12 2fort matches that most of us frown upon. At the end of the day, that community of KGB Heavies and Huntsman Snipers are what carry and sustain players, not us. Ofcourse, we'd like things to be different. Selfishly so, ofcourse. The problem with the Asian community, in the present time anyway, is the utter lack of initiative by players. People want more players and a larger scene yet seldom do anything about it. More disgusting is the fact that is the incestuous nature that is common place. Honestly, linking people to this website won't bring much luck. I mean, just a gander at the forums and most threads are incredibly off-topic and derailed as shit. Look, I get that trolling over the Internet is the "in" thing. Unfortunately, you do so at the expense of a game you play and hurt a community in the process. Take a cue from OZFortress or ETF2L, trolling and mucking about is part of gaming culture but please do so within an acceptable limit where you're not intimidating or down right condescending to new players and/or teams. The end result of the years of trolling/lack of initiative and such have left just a few handful of players that are still around and still bother to do anything. Nnnta has been one such person and I honestly feel the situation is a bit tragic as you can see the guy wants to do so much yet he is practically never helped or supported in the way that is appropriate and apt. But anyway, what can be done to help the scene? Well, a couple of things - - Firstly, if there are new pickup servers that are going to be setup, then ensure that instead of going, say for a 25 player server, it's more efficient and logical to have 2x12p servers. There's little sense in having such large capacity servers for competitive purpose. What is the case is, people (usually experienced players) want to stack and play. They half heartedly pick teams and when some newbie player comes and doesn't play to their impossible standards, he's exiled and never picked again. It's just makes more sense to let the newbie players play against players of their own skill level as they're starting out and have them become comfortable with the mechanics of 6v6. 6v6, if you are new, is intimidating and difficult for someone starting out. - Get the right people involved. Managing a community is a difficult task, take a leap of faith and involve different people from different backgrounds. Unless someone is blatantly abusing power, the more contributors, the merrier. This is especially in the case of server admins, whenever they're needed. - There are always going to be douchebags and nice people in the community. It's upto you to decide which one you'd like to be. - AsiaFortress has always been abysmal at promoting itself. Be it for AFL or anything else. This is a pretty serious issue. Contrary to popular belief, International players are impressed and interested in our tiny scene, but you have to give them the proper platform and medium. Proper utilisation of open writing platforms such as VanillaTF2 etc. is quite necessary and does a lot to promote and support the scene. Remember, not all progress is transparent. - Get inspired. Players like Torden, CB, valk, Moose etc have done a lot to promote and harbor their respective gaming scenes. A thing like this is always going to be a labor of love and a thankless job. But people still do it because they are fueled by passion and love for the game(s) they play. Now, while all this is dandy, living in Asia with high bandwidth and peering prices means we'll always have to deal with a substantially low number of servers. Furthermore, with the diversity involved in-terms of languages, communication is never going to be an easy task. Lastly, remember, not everyone wants to play competitively. Some simply aren't interested while others can't commit the time for it. Do what you can do, to the best of your ability and everything else will work itself out. As is said, If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.
  9. coldblood


    Well played Xq. Thank you for the game and congratulations! You guys truly deserve it. Great team-play and DM. Can't wait to play you guys again.
  10. coldblood

    A little e-club issue.

    Why do you care so much? I really don't see why there needs to be such a fuss about what is, a fairly trivial issue. eClub was maintained for a long time by an admin, that said player got burned out/tired or whatever his personal reasons may be and pulled the plug. You decided to revive it but met with resistance since the person in-charge didn't want the said revival to occur. Okay? Why even make a big deal about it. The guy doesn't care and you're aware of his rigid stance and attitude and yet you persist as if this unnecessary drama is really going to change things. Do you really care so much about this, is this really such a deep cause. Yes, Asia doesn't have a lot of game servers. Too bad, that's just how things are in the lay of the land will remain so due to bandwidth pricing, peering and the high-rate of piracy. I understand you put effort and were expecting something out of it. And that did not happen. Unfortunate as it may be, given the circumstances, you should have seen that coming. If you're banned from SH, just buy another copy of Team Fortress 2 and get another Steam account. Beats hyperventilating in threads over nothing.
  11. coldblood

    Class and Unlocks Rules

    Cinq posted this whitelist, it has Med unlocks alongside Equalizer and Bonk. Pretty nice. Would be great if the whitelist can be uploaded to the StarHub servers - https://gist.github.com/888938
  12. coldblood


    Both ideas are fundamentally flawed. While TF2Lobby has an excellent stats generating system in place, there shouldn't be a need for AFL to force it's players to use a different service just for playing matches. The process needs to be streamlined, not isolated and spread about in different services. In-terms of how AFL should behave, people need to tepid their expectations. AFL needs to mirror OZFortress and not ESL, ESEA and such. They are professional leagues with a huge staff and monetary backup. It's simply not possible to be on the same depth as them, not for the time being and given the simple lack of players compared to European and American scenes. Perhaps I have a conservative point of view. Perhaps using lobbies would be beneficial. One can't know unless more opinion is contributed regarding this matter. In any case, it'll turn heads for sure as it's something that hasn't been done before in a mainstream league. TF2Lobby would be great for the meticulous stats it offers but you'd have to wonder how many players actually care about it after a match. And yes Nata, TF2Lobby does require rcon. You'd need to specify it when you are creating a custom lobby. As far as MIRC is concerned, while that's sound in theory, the execution of something like that is quite difficult. Simply, you can't just go into a channel and "organise" a match. If it's anything match related, you'd need a bot that adds players and queries you info and such. Frankly, the whole thing is quite redundant in a scrim scenario. You don't really need for people to add up with their respective classes and/or vote for maps. That works in pickups but in a league match, it's unnecessary hassle. Not to mention, IRC is quite intimidating to most and people are not usually interested in being forced to use a certain service/program when they've not used it traditionally. Not to mention, creating a proper bug-free pug bot takes time, knowledge and effort. And at the end of the day, the option isn't viable because people are going to be hesitant, there aren't that many teams or players and you can't really do ESEA/TF2Lobby esque stat tracking. Even the ESEA match bot, which spams the IRC with every frag/every cap, is quite hard to pull off and implement.
  13. coldblood


    Thank you for the kind words, Nata. I am available as a Mentor for teams/players. I can help out with positioning and all that assorted jazz. My availability is the same as my team, Mon-Thur, 8pm SGT and onwards. People that are interested can get in touch with me at; http://steamcommunity.com/id/cb_ People attempting to troll me or waste my time will be instantly removed and blocked. Cheers!