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  1. Our new Ultiduo servers are up:


    pug.asiafortress.com:27070 | MGE 

    pug.asiafortress.com:27071 | Ultiduo

    pug.asiafortress.com:27072 | Ultiduo

    pug.asiafortress.com:27073 | Ultiduo


    feel free to feedback here.


    1. i know we are missing a whitelist. so its up to you guys for now. throw in some whitelists here and we'll have a look.

    2. not many ultiduo maps around so suggest those too.




    join the MGE steam group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aflmge

  2. I was being quite upset with cyan and kept moving him to ffs channel, sorry for annoying all the other players and being extremely retarded. I promise i will not do this again, hope you can unban me from mumble. I apologize




  3. good luck jumpyjordan, good initiative developing the chinese community.


    we do have a chinese forum here http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/forum/82-%E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF-%E5%8F%B0%E7%81%A3/

    it would be ideal if you would invite all the chinese players there as we provide a central meeting place allowing you to keep everything consistent.


    i'm assuming that your tournament is intended primarily for the chinese players to pick up competitive 6's.

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