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  1. LToro

    mlg streaming tf /league bump community

    3 points for gryffindor! oops i meant tf2
  2. LToro

    AF BBQ at Summer's Place

    how i wish i lived in singapore
  3. LToro

    AF Amateur Cup

    cool idea, could turn out to be awesome
  4. LToro

    sns engi'd

    woops i wasnt playing atm nothing to do here
  5. LToro

    230 ping

    i whined discussed it with nata the other day, he said it was a routing thing :|
  6. LToro

    Mercenaries Cup 3 is coming

    Oh cool, thanks.
  7. LToro

    Mercenaries Cup 3 is coming

    I've always wondered, why is it called Mercenaries Cup? As in, TF2 classes are mercenaries or something? But anyway it's always cool to see a new tourney coming up. Maybe I'll quit school or something. Just maybe..
  8. LToro

    must buy this game

    i laughed so much i choked myself
  9. LToro

    Steam on iOS

    jokes on you' date=' i traded mine8). [/quote'] good for you then ahahahaa i was trying to get an invite the other day and they were demanding 2 keys and stuff. feels good man
  10. LToro

    Steam on iOS

    i lol'd at those traders with the invites ahahaahah
  11. LToro

    Steam on iOS

    cooooool i got in also for iOS users - is it just me or is settings unavailable?
  12. LToro

    THE DARK FORCE vs Xtremers

    good game damn accurate arrows
  13. LToro

    THE DARK FORCE vs Xtremers

    we like to do it on the go so just message me on steam whenever you guys feel like it. any AF/eclub servers will do.
  14. LToro

    THE DARK FORCE vs Xtremers

    we pick koth_ultiduo_r_b7 i'll add you for timing and server later