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  1. Trauma

    AF BBQ at Summer's Place

    who sponsoring my air ticket to sg so i can come?
  2. Name: Trauma Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tromz
  3. Trauma

    Faggot Brothers vs Bazinga

    they pwnt us gg
  4. Trauma

    Ricolee vs Bazinga!

    we got obliterated
  5. Team Name: Bazinga! Team Member 1: Trauma Team Member 2: arcane
  6. so where do we register?
  7. Trauma

    Help-TeamFortress2 Server Disconnection

    Hmm, I would have suggested to reinstall tf2 but since you've already done that and you cannot connect to friends maybe VAC has blocked your ID or something. Have you tried logging in on another PC with the same ID to see if the problem persists?
  8. Trauma

    RE: LAN

    Hey guys, I'm back!!! ....... Oh wait....
  9. Since seeker refuses to post his pick here even after telling him 3-4 times.....I'm gonna go ahead with my elimination. We Eliminate koth viaduct.
  10. Why can't we just do the normal thing? Pick 1 Eliminate 1 from the map pool given by spammah. If the other team agrees to this: We Pick Granary. After FML picks 1 map we'll eliminate 1 map and then fml can eliminate 1.
  11. We Eliminate Gravelpit. We Eliminate Coldfront. We Pick Granary.
  12. Sunday is fine for us. What time is fine for you guys?
  13. Lets keep it on sunday then. Will confirm by tomorrow though.
  14. Trauma

    Kids fighting in trade server

    1 word for this "HILARIOUS!"
  15. Trauma


    beware of avertyn's sniping!!!!!! he's got some craazy aim.