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    I hope this message finds some familiar names here. For those who may recall, I was part of the pug scene with this group around 2016. Fast-forward to the present, and I'm excited to share that I'll be relocating to South Korea come January. This big move has reignited my passion for the game, and I'm looking forward to experiencing Asia Fortress with the luxury of less than 200 ping! It's been a good three years since I last played competitively, so it's a bit of a question mark where my skills currently stand. However, I'm eager and ready to dive back in, dedicating myself to practice and relearn as my schedule permits. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I can't wait to join and contribute to a team once again. Thank you! https://steamcommunity.com/id/tripz14g/ is my steam
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    hi :D

    Hey everyone I've done a few pugs and guess I wanted to check out the site. So I'll tell everyone about myself. My name is Tripz and I play tf2.... I also like to join communities etc. I'm studying to be an english teacher in Korea. Uhmmmmmm oh I'm also 17 will be 18 this September. I am also from America.
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    hi :D

    AMIGO! Nm you?