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  1. Ow3n

    AFCMASH - Sign-Ups

    Name: Ow3n Class: Demo / Roamer / Pocket Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ow3n69/
  2. Ow3n

    Ban Appeals

    I have learned the etiquette required when playing in AFL Pugs and the different roles of each class, when to offclass and when to not, and that even though the roamer's job is not to pocket the medic, but when the medic is in need of help any available classes must help.
  3. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Shounic : I had tons of verbal abuse and what not too, but I've made it into a respectable position now. If by respectable he means hated, then yes. Post by Shounic about why being the ass he is is alright : -3 points Post by FPS pyro stating what i just stated about not giving verbal abuse : +6 points @Shounic, if everything you are saying has negative votes, then instead of insisting you are 100% right, why not humble yourself ?
  4. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    You too, thank you for your time and effort in replying.
  5. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Good point though. Although if the admins behave in a certain way you can't help it but think that as role models, they will have to act up to that role and be good ones for the rest of the community. And so just because you don't know who someone is means that you shouldn't respect that person. First day of school, principal doesn't know you, sees you accidentally screw up, calls you a cunt. What is going to happen to his rep? You are thinking of the admin and a normal member on the same platform, they have the same rights, but not the same kind of thinking that they have to live up to. And say, if the admin i am talking about is one of the important ones in the community, don't you think it should be alright to generalize? If the principal of a school molested one of his students, can you blame others for thinking bad about the school from then on? No, because he is supposed to be a role model for everyone and influence the others, not be someone whom people will despise and disrespect. I, however do agree that a lot of people are nice. Floaty for example, a very nice guy. Not influenced by the behaviour of the AFL community, and does share some of my views on certain admins and people ( which are also commonly shared amongst most ). So your general point, yes, i do agree. You can't judge a book by its cover, but if its cover was that of a porno, then yes, it would be fair to judge it by its cover.
  6. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    First things first. Parents will scold their children with their goodwill at heart, players from afl insult newbies because they get beat up at school too much. And no admins do not give out warnings normally, e.g. my case and potato balls case. If the ''creators'' of AFL do not show respect how do you expect us to show respect? 1 way relationship? no, respect goes both ways, what is this, north korea? And no, Cuteboys' and shounics examples aren't 100% correct. The people here are not trying to correct others, they are just like players in a pub calling f2ps noob. No goodwill at heart, just mean intentions. Shounic coming from you that is extremely sarcastic and hypocritical, considering how much you flame and insult your teammates. You are the one who thinks you are a king, and that you can insult others just because you are of higher skill. The only time i have actually seen you humbled was when destiny was flaming you for being bad in his eyes. The only time. The rest were when people made mistakes and you scolded them for it, not with any good intentions at heart. If people truly liked respected you, why would they actually make all these binds to mock you, huh? You are the deaf king, who can't hear what others are trying to say to you. The problem is actually yourself, not others. As for Cuteboys' example, newbies usually only give ''attitude'' when the players in the server try to votekick or voteban them. Usually the players do not give examples and areas where the newbies can improve on, and just auto votekick or voteban them, both of you are speaking of this in a way like AFL is truly a charitable organization with the intent of helping people improve. As a matter of fact, AFL is scorned and mocked at by many people, as along with a ton of my school mates aka Bery, Mako, etc. Their reviews of AFL are that the players show double standards, kind to friends, mean to newbies. Same thing as from what i have been seeing from AFL over these few months. And if a newbie is really bad, and the whole team is raging at him/her, do YOU ask them to read guides, or do you just do !votekick? In whole, i do agree with Bio's point, but as for Shounic's, it was so hypocritical that it had to be addressed at. I have tried to say this as politely as possible, if i have offended anyone i am sorry. But please realize that even though most of you are div 1 or 2 players, you aren't the best, and even if you are, there will be times that you fail, so be tolerant with everyone, raging doesn't exactly make one happy.
  7. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Not referring to any admin in particular, but many people have been banned for not agreeing with the admins.
  8. Ow3n

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    IMO i dont think that just because you had to experience getting scolded and insulted doesnt mean you have to do it to the newcomers. Treat others the way you want to be treated, unless you are saying that it is alright for others to 'flame' you too for every single mistake you make. By flaming newcomers you are essentially killing the AFL ''community'' and the future puggers to come. If a the boss of a company scolded a new employee for every mistake he made, would anyone even want to join the company, with the bad rep that it already had? No, if this applies for real life situations, it also applies for this.
  9. Ow3n

    Ban Appeals

    Yes, i have read the guides in the mentor section and understood what i have to do in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Ow3n

    Ban Appeals

    name: Anonymous LINK to your steam id: STEAM_0:1:57816250 why you got banned: I got banned for saying ''no u'' to natapon when he said i was shit at roamer why you should be unbanned: I was pushing responsibility on the medic that it was his fault that he died and not mine, when it should have been my fault. Protato ballz is an actual friend of mine in real life and i meant no offense to him. I know i should not have rebutted at Natapon, as it was very disrespectful and i should accept all criticism, especially from an experienced player like him who is a veteran at TF2. I apologize for my mistakes and i will not repeat it again.