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  1. as i know, natto & ozr is fine how abt others? even i dont hv religion but i still hope god save them
  2. applepie

    [Week 4 Round 7] Mister vs Fuck Me Laterally

    just now confirm wif seeker. 28/11/2010 GMT+8 20:30 starhub.
  3. applepie

    [Week 4 Round 7] Mister vs Fuck Me Laterally

    Hello. Prefer to play on Friday night. 21:30 (GMT+8) What do ya think?
  4. applepie

    [Week 1 Round 1] Mister vs. Team Rocket

    I have some questions abt this match. 1. Is that allowed to have ONE mercenary in each map? 2. Is that allowed to have mercenary which is not on the AFL roster of any team? If #2 is not allow, pls take a look of this pic. http://img801.imageshack.us/f/cpfollower0014.jpg/ I checked that #22 is not belongs to any AFL team.
  5. applepie

    Registration Thread for AFL4

    Team Name: Mister. Division: ? Country: Hongkong & Taiwan Steam Group URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/welovebubuchacha Team Leader: pie. http://steamcommunity.com/id/siuyankagura Ken http://steamcommunity.com/id/kennel2 Players(Include clan tag): Ms.BabyPie♥ [sTEAM_0:0:2498450] Mr.Kennel [sTEAM_0:1:20551042] Mr.Bubuchacha [sTEAM_0:0:7460650] Mr.Krypt [sTEAM_0:1:20193275] Mr.Lee [sTEAM_0:1:2139525] Mr.Luxy [sTEAM_0:1:5347457] Mr.MelmelmeL [sTEAM_0:1:2697364] Mr.Monster [sTEAM_0:1:16445341] Mr.Oscar [sTEAM_0:1:27490021] Mr.VeL [sTEAM_0:0:3742221] Mr.Wheat Milk Tea [sTEAM_0:0:5851769] Mr.Xvo [sTEAM_0:1:25116914] Team Representative : pie, ken
  6. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    after discussion, the final lineup should be like this.. WMT BuBuChaCha ApplePie Luxy Vel Moonlite Oid Xvo Ken Civy Pre-Training XQ
  7. applepie


    nv got holiday :'(
  8. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    As I dunno who is going to play so we better vote for the lineup... scout: wmt, vel, ken, apple, PT, svy, xavier solly: apple, luxy, moonlite, ken, civy demoman: xvo, bubuchacha, H, monster medic: bubuchacha, 橘子, LNZ, Rivet, civy Any suggestions? Note: Ame told me that he will not join this competition. Also i will confirm them whether they're interested to join after voting.
  9. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    nah doesnt matter XD
  10. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    just now i confirmed wif nata and he say hk & tw is merged
  11. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    漏左呀KEN TIM!
  12. applepie

    Team Taiwan

    Hi, 我想確認一下是否三地會合併作一隊 即是 香港-台灣-大陸 如果是的話, 在這之前應該要先根據各位擅長的兵種來投票吧? 我心目中的人選如下 分別是scout solly demo medic Ame, Wmt; Apple, Luxy; Xvo; bubu
  13. ya thanks. If it is not possible, please inform us asap thankyou <3
  14. kk. 8pm sunday please
  15. sorry le prefer sunday
  16. How about on this sunday night? 29/08/2010
  17. Hello, supposed not to play on weekends. i think the better date is on next weekdays. Any suggestions that you guys available?
  18. applepie

    [Week 5: Round 1] Swt vs Matrix

    obscure 2-2 follower 5-0 to swt. thanks for game
  19. applepie


    AWESOME! <3
  20. applepie

    [Week 5: Round 1] Swt vs Matrix

    Hello map: cp_follower, cp_obscure_final date: 19/8/2010 time: 9pm (sg, tw, hk) server: supposed to be garena & eclub but what ping for your in japan server? in cases i will discuss wif wendy again.
  21. applepie

    [Week 5: Round 1] Swt vs Matrix

    map poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ~~
  22. applepie

    [Week 4: Round 1] Matrix vs ABH