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  1. Hello Admins of Asiafortress, Although I am not sure whether my opinion counts in this forum, but I would like to lodge a complaint against the recent change of your background. Reason being: It is too hard to read due to the unfortunate mix of red, black and black. It is as if the forum has lost its aesthetic taste. My apologies for not elaborating further, for time is not on my side. Please reconsider this theme. Thank you. CrimsonFirebird.
  2. The man has said it. Guys, bring in your mics
  3. Hedwig, Some of us have experience enough rage, and have raged enough to understand that rage is non constructive. As such, a few of us have developed such a resistance to rage behavior. IMO, some of us are mature enough to understand that emotions is temporal, hence we can somehow "tolerate" it. Even the word tolerate does not do justice. It is more like (I understand, but yet I do not take it to heart). I wont say that he is a M, but rather, he is a zen. Learn from him. CrimsonFirebird. PS: Shounic, Thanks for the AFMash. I am willing to collaborate with you on future projects, if you want to PS2: Blurr, I would like to propose playing this song in pugs if there is someone trolling or raging. It will lighten the mood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTuYuuLer_M
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    AFA MASH#2 - Grand Finals!

    I know that this is premature, but forgive me for my big mouth. Good initiative Shounic. Thumbs up. Already one thing for you to improve on: 1) Next time include more players in a team. That way there is no need for people to look for subs. (Like put 7 players in a team with rotation of players compulsory) 2) I am not sure it is just me or not, but include player fatigue as a consideration when you are planning the schedules. 3) Try not to bite more than you can chew lololol. Provide a quality experience to those who signed up rather than to go for mass amount of players. From our experience of handling matches, the more players you put in, the more cock ups you will get. This event is rather well done. Though with 5 teams I would prefer to do a 3 match round robin than a round robin seed into single elim. As for tomorrow: To regain my honour (I made quite some mistakes in the matches, but that is beside the point) I WANT REVENGE AGAINST DESTINY, BLURR AND FANZONE AND CO !!!!!!!! GLHF guys. See you guys later.
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    NUUU....>.< Why I am not with Freyja. GLHF guys.
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    RIP Metagame....
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    [AFMASH#2] Registration

    Name: OGM|CrimsonFirebird Steam Community Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/3x3cln3rdy9uy/ Preferred Class to Play: Medic Quantity of Swag: We prefer to host your matches.
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    TF2 Update June 11

    OGM seal of approval
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    Scrim Thread

    Okay, I am done with exams. I can take on a scrim next week, PNK.
  10. CFB

    Scrim Thread

    Got it. Just to advice I will not be officially available until May 2013. And my scrim team will be new (revived). ie not AFL ready this year. So there might be some disparities in your expectation of our skills, even though I have trust in my teammates's skills. Hope we could have good relations ahead . Edit: Accepted.
  11. Hello guys, Just to have an update on what OGM is doing, and to shamelessly promote our event in Singapore. We are having a collaboration with IS Gaming and C3-NTU to host an LAN (Inter-varsity) event in Alienware Arena in Chinatown. Main titles are only open to university students in Singapore with a valid matriculation card though. However, casual titles like COD, O2 Jam is open to the public. (And this is from me, and it is not the official OGM announcement- If we could gather enough TF2 players, we could try a MGE tourney ) If you guys have free time (and especially if you are a university student), please come down and support us. Have a look at our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1424122034509159/ Another topic: And also, I heard that some people in Asiafortress community are requesting for another Ultiduo tourney (online). While it is possible for us to pull out another one, we would need time to set up the system again and etc etc. So I would like to hear about the community's opinions before we consider another one. Thank you. CrimsonFirebird OGM
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    Scrim Thread

    I might be asking for scrims here too. CrimsonFirebird
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    Possible ways for asiafortress to improve

    Dream, SMB You will be surprised. Just take a look at politicians nowadays. Bullshit are everyday We have to tolerate it
  14. Hello everyone, especially the old timers, As some of you may have seen, I have been playing TF2 pugs nowadays, back from a hiatus. Well, there is a problem though. You guys will not see me for another month. My final exams are coming up and this game had been taking too much time off my schedule. So in the desperate act of discipline, I will uninstall TF2, and will re install it once my final exams end. It is great seeing that this community is still as strong and vibrant as it is, and I am glad to see some of the friendly faces at AFL LAN. And in the shameless appeal for understanding, I would ask of the community to be understanding of my med skills, as they are pretty embarrassing and rusty as of now. Seeya in May. CrimsonFirebird Teamless
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    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    As someone who has been through trying times outside, Repulse's words really hit home. +1. Does not only apply in TF2.
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    LAN Appreciation

    +1. I could not stay for a long amount of time. I am quite overloaded by work at my school (NTU) In my short amount of time there, I felt that this event is at well ran. Kudos to the ones who planned this tourney. Photos please I want to see! PS: I will be back from May. See you guys in pug okay
  17. CFB

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Good evening guys, My apologies for breaking the tempo here. I am sorry for my recent hiatus. It has not been an easy life for me there. Barely surviving, and exams is coming in 2 weeks time. Aclockworkgrape has recently contacted me out in the maelstrom, and I have decided to pay this forum a visit again. To lighten up the mood a little, lets have a little taste of what I have to do , so that you can laugh at my misery On a more serious note, I do miss you guys all. I am hoping that my skill does not deteriorate that much, though I think it will, by a lot. I have skimmed through the posts. Well, I do believe the level of commitment plays as well. So the right question to ask oneself would be: "Why would you like to play the game for?" PS: Also, to my old members: My mentor Eques is currently in one of the best team in Singapore for World of Tanks. Congratulate him ;p
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    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    Good Afternoon Gamers, (Poster Done by OGM Forever) Edit 10: Registration closes on the 11th May 2013. And Based on my estimates, I will most probably be running a 16 man tournament without group stages. So the 17th team and above that registers before 11 May 2013 will be placed on the waiting list. OGM is proud to be hosting the OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble held on the 18 -19 May 2013. Game Format: KOTH 2v2. 5 mins. Depending on the participants that joined, I will release the tournament structure. Best of 3,5 or 7 per match, depending on the stage you are in. It is guaranteed that the top 16 will play in a double elimination format in the best of 5 until the semi finals match. Semi Finals till the Grand Finals match will be Best of 7. Edit 4: Just as a clarification. When I mean 5 mins, I mean that the first team needs to cap the point for 5 mins wins the match. (Edit: Tournament Format has been released) This is to make sure that everyone that signs up for the competition will not be refused entry. Class allowed per team: 1 Medic, 1 Soldier. Restrictions: Please look at the Rules and Regulations Map:koth_ultiduo_r_b7. Edit 6: I have decided to release the tournament format, as I realized that non disclosure will introduce confusion to the community. However, it is a bit long and my apologies for that. Any queries is welcome, and I am flexible to change the schedule if needed be. Tournament Format (Note that this is not finalized until I give the proper tournament structure which will be a week before the actual tournament date. There will be some major changes): • If there is less than 8 teams, the tournament will be postponed to a later date until at least 16 teams joined. • If there is exactly 8 teams that joined the tournament: Single elimination Format of 8 teams will be used. The event will be dropped from 2 days to one day instead. All matches except Grand Finals will be a BO5. Grand Finals will be a BO7. • If 8-16 teams registered, Group stages of 16 teams will be used. After which 8 teams will advance into single elimination format. All group matches will be a BO3. All matches above group stages except Grand Finals will be a BO5. Grand Finals will be a BO7. • If there are 16 teams, double elimination format, BO 5 for each match. Semi Finals till the Grand Finals will be a BO 7. There will be no winner bracket's advantage. • If there are 16-32 teams, which is the ideal scenario, there will be group stages of 32 teams, followed by double elimination of 16 teams. • If there are >32 teams but <100 teams, there will be a preliminaries match conducted before the actual tournament date. Top 32 teams will be seeded into the group stages. After which 16 teams will be picked for the RO16 match in the double elimination format. • If there is more than 100 teams, Swiss system format (Will be decided by server capability of OneAsiaGamer and Asiafortress) will be used, and 7 matches of BO5 will be played. Top 16 will be seeded into the double elimination format. If we do have the time, Top 32 will be seeded in group stages followed by double elimination format of 16 players. Schedule of tournament This is done with the assumption that OGM utilizes 8 admins and 16-32 teams are expected. 1. For Day One • Using this binary beast as reference, there will be from group A to H. • Teams A-D check in at 1230 hrs to confirm their attendance for the group stages. From then, 2 admins will be handing each group. Each match in the group stage will be a BO3. The event will start at 1300 hrs The admins are expected to complete the stages 3 hours later. An hour leeway will be given to them. This event is expected to end at 1600 hrs, with 1700 hrs at the latest (1hr per round, with 3 rounds in total) • For Group E-H, they will check in at 2000 hrs for their matches to be conducted. Similarly, their event is expected to end at 2300 hrs with 0000 hrs at the latest. • Top 2 teams in each group will advance to the RO16 double elimination format • http://binarybeast.com/xDOTA21304183#groups This is our reference group stages (Bludota OGM Dota 2 Open division) 2. For Day Two • The top 16 teams will check in at 1230 hrs, with the event starting at 1300 hrs. • Schedule of the Day 2 tournament: • Note that LBRx means loser bracket round x, x is an integer from 1-6. o 1300 to 1400: RO16 o 1400 to 1500: RO8 with LBR1 o 1500 to 1600: LBR2 o 1600 to 1700: LBR3 with RO4 (Winner Brackets Semi Finals) o 1700 to 1800: LBR4 o 1800 to 1900: RO2 (Winner Brackets Finals) + LBR5 o 1900 to 2000: LBR6 (2nd/3rd Place Play off) o 2000 to 2100: Grand Finals Reference for the Brackets: http://binarybeast.com/xDOTA21304183#brackets Prize Pool: SGD $20 to the winner of the Rumble. SGD $10 to the first runner up of the Rumble. Metal collected towards the tournament will be split among the winner team and the runner up in a 2:1 ratio. Registration Fee: One refined metal, payable to OGM Eques. Registration Thread: http://onlygamingmat...x=0#post8060867 To check for further Announcements: https://www.facebook...matters?fref=ts I did attach a rules and regulations file in this thread. Please download and read the word document as it contains information that you, as a member of the community participating in the tourney, should know. OGM CrimsonFirebird, Newnar, Eques, Heepzteer, Nameless, Forever and various other OGM members hopes that this Rumble will allow the members of the tf2 community to interact with each other, to strengthen the integrity of the community and to showcase skills and sportsmanship within gamers themselves. Fun games (Other than our standard Ultiduo) will be alongside our Rumble. Look Forward to it. OGM: Centralizing E-sports, Connecting Gamers, Empowering Spectators PS: OGM is inviting Guest Casters to cast our match. Applications are to be sent to onlygamingmatters@gmail.com. Thank you. Edit: I have forgotten to add. It is an online tourney. Our dreamhack like event is still within its planning stage and will not be organized in the near future. Edit 2: I have decided to put in further money till SGD $30. This decision is screwing up with my pocket money as 1. I am not as rich as most of you think. I am from a lower middle class family and we are living by the skin of our teeth. 2. Most of my money is funded towards getting a good double major degree in maths and physics in my university, and physics, being my forte, is where I would want to really excel in. This is just my little way of contributing back to the community for them being there during my dire times of need. (If you guys don't get the hint, oh well) Edit 3: I will be imposing a 1 refined metal entrance fee to the competition. It pains me to generate a barrier to entry as I know that some people still have not the ability to make one refined metal but all of this is going towards the prize pool in the end, and not into my pocket. I sincerely hope that you do not hate me on this, but if you are really a bit short on making a refined metal, come talk to me and we can make a concession. Also, I do accept any metal donations to this rumble. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and will be reflected under our list of sponsors. Edit 5: There are some edits to the Rules and Regulations as well. The latest one is in http://onlygamingmat...x=0#post8060870 Blacklist for Soldier • Primary Weapons: Only Rocket Launcher is allowed. (Direct Hit is subjected to a vote in the poll) • Secondary Weapons: Only Gunboats and Shotgun are allowed • Melee Weapon: Only Shovel, Equalizer, Escape Plan and Disciplinary action are allowed Blacklist for Medic • Primary Weapon: Only Crossbow or Syringe Gun or Blutslauger are allowed • Secondary Weapon: Only Medigun allowed. (An poll will be held to determine the viability of Quick Fix and Kritzkrieg as an allowed weapon. Vaccinator is strictly not allowed) • Melee weapon: Only Bonesaw, Ubersaw are allowed. Edit 7: As a few of you have realized, I have not place a registration date. I am awaiting for further review of various things before I finalize the event (as in the Tourament Format) itself. However, the closing date will not be placed just a few days before the event starts, as it will allow OGM to fine tune its operational capacity and to release a tournament schedule that requires little tweaking on the day itself. To be safe, do note to sign up as soon as possible, as it will guarantee you a place. If you want an estimate of the latest good closing date, it will be by 11 May 2013. Confirmation E-mail will be sent to various teams by then. Edit 9: Also, there is an test server that has been set up kindly by the admins of OneAsiaGamer. Do note that this server still suffers from whitelist bugs and Soldier whitelist weapons are not accurate. Server Details are as follows: Password: oagmatch Do note that only 1 soldier and 1 medic is allowed per team. Any spectator that joins the team that has already one medic and one soldier could not pick a class to play. Edit 8: I would like to extend my thanks to Fuzz who has kindly donated metal to the prize pool. Your name will be added to the list of sponsors OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble Rules and Regulations.docx
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    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    Lol. Whipped have became a meme. Like: The opponents have whipped us till we won the round instead
  20. CFB

    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    Also, I do appreciate genuine feedback (No sugarcoating or trolls pls) If you want to be a bit more discreet, you can send an e-mail to onlygamingmatters@gmail.com Lastly, we will most prob be hosting a World of Tanks event or DOTA 2 open again in June. CrimsonFirebird OGM
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    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    Also, I would like to thank: 1. Our AF hosts, specifically Natapon, Teal, mm, spammah, joe, Summer (He helps out with us when our servers got ddos'ed) for their server support and advice. 2. Our Oneasiagamer host, Crepes for setting up the server for us and helping us with technical stuff and advertisement 2.1 Our Lowyat TF2 host, Sasaug, for advertisement 3. Our OGM Lwcrulz, for helping me to plan and host for the game, moral support, and for the generous sponsoring of prizes. 3.1 IridescentFuzz for sponsoring additional metals. 4. Our OGM admins for helping us host the game 5. The Participants and the Spectators for being there to support us I will extend this list. I am quite tired now :P/>/>/> But all the case, I do declare the successful completion of the event. Prize winners will be personally notified by me. CrimsonFirebird OGM
  22. CFB

    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    Results: Grand winner: God of Gods of Gods (Summer and Pinkiepie) (They succeeded in creating blasphemy against us OGM Gods) 1st Runner Up: Crying (And and K3) 2nd Runner Up: Unable to Touch this (Kiboy, Skye and Superleet) 3nd Runner Up: Off Rage Plz (Bio, Astroboy and Ryan) Congrats to the top 4 teams. You will all receive a prize from me, latest by next week. Lucky Draw is being conducted. The captains of the winning teams will be notified by me.
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    OGM Ultimate Duo Rumble.

    GRAND FINALS: http://www.twitch.tv/camelcast