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    Asia's Differences

    Long-standing commitments to the community don't seem to get enough love here too, I guess. For better or worse in the end, people who care a lot and sacrifice their time deserve comparable respect. but who fucks a give, I'm a little girl with red hair
  2. HaXxorIzed

    why is this forum so dead

    so lively, lively like a spring chicken
  3. HaXxorIzed

    kids nowadays

    i think this forum needs more discussion the necessity of forming stable teams that don't disband in the offseason and run away because a bunch of australians beat them while using hurtful words not out of place in a fourth grade insults slinging mudfest because someone got their justin beiber cd stolen nvm ps : at least the best teams aren't forfeiting the league because they can't deal with equalizer and bonk being unlocked kudos to you guys on that one
  4. Personally, there is way too much serious fucking business with people making unfunny trolls in stv when it comes to tf2 these days, especially finals. With that in mind - and with almost every single asiafortress troll with the exception of spammah being fashionably unfunny, here's a new way to occupy yourselves when spectator those big games. This is called the Roaming Soldier Drinking Game. You can also see it as a quick route in attempting to become amused by tf2 in a fundamentally enjoyable way. File is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kOtrr_waclP6GVmI0XiX1SI5n1YfJyFc9p4VdbwFyJo/edit?hl=en&pli=1# For those who cannot be bothered reading Discuss. Edit. 1337? So fitting.
  5. HaXxorIzed

    Asia's Differences

    tl;dr Community with teams that only "operate" properly in the offseason is doomed to fail. Proper teams need to last longer than a season and need 6-8 players on the same page, agreeing about their approach to the game ... which is nigh impossible with a shrinking player base. tl;dr x 10 ^ 10 blame spammah
  6. I'm a little bit disturbed that you know that. Only a little bit though.
  7. HaXxorIzed

    nefarious part 1 - nnnta

    Part 2 features spammah fisting people with arrows set to 1970s porno music and the sniper's head replaced with an image taken from a david hasselhoff movie. Just wait for it, it'll be unique. To say the Least.
  8. I can't be fucked checking through people's posts but Pretty sure spammah's sensitivity is a lot higher than he says, because he relies on quick strokes for maximum effect. HaRhArhARHArHARharHaR : >>>>>>
  9. HaXxorIzed

    Spammahs eggs

    typical spammah ps spammah is gay pps very very gay (this phrase is becoming the NFR phase, innit it)
  10. HaXxorIzed

    TF2 i40 by bones

    I want a darn plushie
  11. HaXxorIzed


    not enough said about how gay spammah is ps spammah is gay pps very very gay
  12. 1920x1080 windows senstivity 6 ingame 1.8 no mouse acceleration 2000 dpi polling rate 1000hz 11.5cm/360 green medium cross for slot1 pink small cross for slot2 yellow circle for slot3
  13. HaXxorIzed

    Best english teacher EVA

    I think the sad bit is I have no trouble understanding anything he is saying ... x.D
  14. HaXxorIzed

    The Fail Thread.

    Couldn't we have just put SPAMMAH in 72 text at the start of this thread and then locked it? Would have been faster. edit. That is pretty disappointing if what Seeker says is true. People should be excited about the opportunity to play against the best, especially since rep and sheep showed a lot of what is wrong with damage avoidance and scout-play in Asian TF2 last finals.
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    dats racist
  16. HaXxorIzed


  17. HaXxorIzed


    get hellscream on starhub mumble time, he does it a thousand times better
  18. HaXxorIzed

    AFL IV Registration has started

    this is all your fault ch3rry
  19. HaXxorIzed


    yeah man, I'm like David fucking Attenborough or something* *some elements of said claims may be fictional. If you have a problem with this, screw you, I was too busy threatening ch3rry and/or bright at the time to pay any real attention. **GODDAMNIT Spammah everything I say isn't funny, I'm not scotty ffffffffffffu
  20. HaXxorIzed

    Asiafortress's Rager(s) of the Month - October

    Take notice of how he highlighted the relevant bits like it would have a factor in convincing some of us to give a fuck. That's real professionalism in the face of an army of lazy nerds. I like that.
  21. HaXxorIzed


    I think we all know what really happened spammah hits guy with rocket spammah hits guy with rocket in air (legitimately good shot too, given the 150 ping) spammah taunts thinking the other guy is dead spammah proceeds to not kill the guy and get violated by ten backburner pyros spammah proceeds to tell a disbelieving r3sty and tranny about his public server prowess, denying the truth with lines like "nah, I'm pro" and "no, ur gay" nnta audibly facepalms wish proceeds to jump into our channel and yell at everyone Syllcy eats some more fucking noodles instead of covering a flank sean gets on his magical fairy-soul powered flying star and shoots off into space asian tf2 is exciting
  22. HaXxorIzed


    Oh man, feresar on the starhub mumble ... all the under 18 year olds. There'll be more than :3 going down. (would recommend)
  23. HaXxorIzed

    The day bran and I lost our virginity.

    Did he quit before a rematch to play his awful League of Legends game? If so, definitely bright.
  24. HaXxorIzed

    Fanom - Torn Productions

    What is your definition of high sensitivity then in terms of cm/360.
  25. Isn't there a bug with the buff banner however? That allows you to "charge" damage without having the weapon equipped, and then equip it? If that bug still exists it might give a legitimate reason for a ban - can someone check and verify this?