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    Ozfort mix team

    While most teams would probably be happy to give you wiggle room, realistically you wont' be able to play matches later than 10:30 AEDT (which now, is +11:00 GMT. It's normally +10 but hey, daylight savings)
  2. HaXxorIzed

    Vizion-New To PUG + Need Help

    Bowt's get good guide is something you should read and memorise until you have it imprinted. Learning classes starts and ends at being able to hit tab, see what classes are dead and alive and have an idea of what is going on outside your screen. To actually get a feeling for what is going on outside your screen, you need to play the game (this really matters), and maybe watch a little bit of overs playing to see how it all works (somewhat useful).
  3. HaXxorIzed

    Help with rocket jumping

    Practice, repeated practice. I would look at some of the jump maps that replicate competitive play, if any exist (I Hate jump map practice).
  4. gg, I'll see if we have demos for this one. asiafortress.com/mv/mge_rnr.zip
  5. HaXxorIzed

    I have a few questions.

    When do you leak or whatever is too general a question. You either have advantage or you don't. Your decisions should be made about you are fighting, you are fighting and what advantage or disadvantage you have - and yes, this means each situation is (gasp) different!. As you know, you'd expect having a scout advantage attacking spire on badlands or attacking snakewater last with demo advantage + uber disadvantage should be.
  6. HaXxorIzed

    Becoming a commentator?

    Extine's commentaries are TF2lite : (
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    Gaben is my god uncle.

  8. HaXxorIzed

    Gaben is my god uncle.

    Don't be scared homie
  9. HaXxorIzed

    New update blows

  10. HaXxorIzed

    Gaben is my god uncle.

    Title for your auto-biography
  11. HaXxorIzed

    Gaben is my god uncle.

    Oh dear
  12. HaXxorIzed

    Any Scout tips?

    Most people have hundreds of hours in their class, you should really stop expecting to have success until you match effort and input.
  13. HaXxorIzed

    Any Scout tips?

    Practice with a regular routine against a varying level of opponents. Don't play 10 hours one day and none for the rest of the week, play 30 minutes every day. Keep positive and expect to be bettered by many people and never focus on what the other guy does. Always improve your own game and focus on it first.
  14. HaXxorIzed


    As for tracking, play the game a lot with a regular routine against a mixture of good opposition. Focused gametime with a positive mentality and consistent settings is where it's at. Also, find a comfortable sensitivity.
  15. HaXxorIzed


    I come at it from this angle really. Ping you can't affect once teams have agreed to play on a server. It's concrete, it's done, it's decided. Unfortunately unlike most international scenes we do not have the luxury of an internet situation where everyone will realistically ping under 100, so these awful pings will always be present. So whatever ping does, there's absolutely no point in focusing on it in a game whatsoever or talking about reasons it might have cost a team X. It's a standard or set variable. We all know how important ping is for altering someone's damage, their reaction time, their aim and whatever. But there is a difference between acknowledging what ping affects (the effectiveness of decisions ) and what it does not affect (the decisions that are yet to be taken). The second one is where 99% of this game was won and lost. The second is what any analysis of the game should focus on, especially when examples of bad play independent of ping are present. Like obviously ping is really important and it put dpn at a disadvantage, everyone can see that. But you can still play correctly, and from the perspective of a caster talking about a game which is actually important, talking about ping, or stuff that can be improved/changed? There was far too much of a focus on ping from watchers when the biggest issues for DPN on that first map (bad positioning in most team fights, no aggression to follow up actual aggressive plays, attempting to fight down players / with no advantage when fighting couldn't accomplish anything). Badlands my not have gone any way but RNR's regardless, but it could have been a decent game . On the second map with "fair" pings it was the same problem for DPN agaiin, and it cost them that map too. A strong competitive or problem-solving mentality should focus on affecting what can be affected first, not wastefully getting frustrated on a constant factor you have no control of.
  16. HaXxorIzed

    AFL5 - 27th November Matchday

    Apparently my laughing scares at least a third of Asiafortress.
  17. HaXxorIzed


    Don't be scared Homey
  18. HaXxorIzed

    Quote Thread

    Whenever spammah dies and I'm watching.
  19. HaXxorIzed

    Quote Thread

  20. HaXxorIzed

    I don't Hack Bitches

    This thread should have been executed a long time ago. ps, if people think he hacks lodge an offical complaint
  21. HaXxorIzed

    Quote Thread

    "And just remember if you're shit at scout you're shit at life, because scout is fucking easy" - Anas the boss Illyas.
  22. HaXxorIzed


    If Crack Clan avoid dropping a map to ckras they'll win the minor premiership. I can't see why they'd drop a map either. I also don't think MGE is very worthwhile. The content is lacking, only Tyrone's stuff is worth listening to imo. natf2 implies there's some conflict between MGE and would-be-invite players too.
  23. HaXxorIzed


    I think Cbear answered this question on an MGE podcast really well once, so I'll summarise the points he made. Someone who understands the game at a high enough level can play any class well as long as their aim isn't complete trash. This is because you understand the game well enough to know what needs to be done in most situations and the response that the team needs ie "Go utility / do damage / take position / stay alive" aren't really class specific skills. Likewise, callers should be able to function the same. So I suppose the way to put it is the best players tend to be good on any class to a point, but that's a product of their understanding of the whole game. The best callers in this game (Bowt, Tyrone, F2, etc) talk about specific situations in relation to advantages more than anything. Ie gran cp2 uber no uber "they're holding back we have uber they don't, uber demo + scout, pocket follow" or "they're holding close, multi sold/demo, scout clean up:". I wouldn't say the knowledge required here (you want to get player/med adv with uber, gran cp2 is best for demo with scout to chase) is knowing each class intimately, it's about having specific situational understanding.
  24. HaXxorIzed

    Skill levels: Divisions

    Div2/3. Having DM is nice, knowing how to use it is better.
  25. HaXxorIzed

    spammah willing to mentor

    They fear your girth.