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    Summer - AMA

    Definitely not summer, he assumes a Sumo battle stance when eating and playing professional internet video games
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    Just to say sth...

    Please make an effort to format and puncuate your posts correctly. Please. You have so many more job and university applications to post in your many years ahead, starting now would be a boon for you.
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    Any Scout tips?

    How to improve Deathmatching ability? Play the game. Preferably regularly.
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    Summer - AMA

    Now that you have an Asiafortress title, how do you feel both about your personal accomplishments and the community? I mean the reality is you are actually pretty good at this game and have "deserved" (on the quality of your individual play) a title for a long while. This season was a little more muted than the explosive last season, but again we had a solid final with a result which was pretty emphatic for the community. This is all the more relevant because of the trashtalking sectors of the community who have managed to do fuck all against the big guns of the community (aka nata/hcaz/xe or random australian mixes with some high div1 players snow amril + underrated guys like fat etc). PS: "OH GOD I HAVE ONE MORE THING IN COMMON WITH SPAMMAH I MUST JUMP A WINDOW" is not an acceptable answer, even if it is a correct one.
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    The american teams would have won even at the height of the current european scene honestly. That level of professionalism/drive to absolutely get better no matter the cost has always been present in the top american teams lead by platinum/tyrone (or x6); it's never been present in a european team after Dignitas or >maybe< cubeth era epsilon. When all is said and done x6 played four hours of scrims five days a week to knock off the old eMg. LG have three years of hard work with a solid and dedicated core of players who completely understand each other, and Mix's player groups (plat/enigma/harb, harb/tlr, ruwin/pure) have played over two seasons each together as well, if not more, and they've all been in invite winning teams together to boot. Nobody in europe has that kind of staying power or drive / patience / hours clocked up / whatever. It's powerful.
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    Hard to say really, because leaning on routines has in general got me this far anyway. Routines are rules, after all. And since Matt smith can put it better than I can (and I think doctor who is awesome), here's a link! I'm fairly certain in this very thread I said why I expected the win and how it'd go down. The results were a little more comprehensive because the American teams went up against poorly prepared opposition, but as I understand it they were also pretty damn jet lagged and not staying in great accommodation, so it's still a big statement. USA USA USA USA USA etc.
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    I'm okay. Work + looking after a child is really tiring though, but my life has settled into a routine of sorts. It's a routine of zero sleep and dealing with your partner's perpetual fear of failing as parent + / SIDS, but it's a routine nevertheless.
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    Teams got better.
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    Pub Server!

    I would play instagib Admittedly 95% of my contribution would be "tunneling spammah with xe's assistance", but I would still play instagib.
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    Quote Thread

    spammah masturbating
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    ESEA Invite Poll

    Chess club easily, even if how well they will actually do hinges on what their full roster will be.
  14. HaXxorIzed

    AsiaFortress Academy

    At the end of the day using uber is a decision, the same as where to stand, where to fight, so on. People need to remember that it's more important to talk about <why> an uber was dropped or how it happened than yelling at people.
  15. HaXxorIzed

    State of TF2 Competitive scene [Asia]

    You used the word mouthbreathers sucessfully. I cannot see how it would be possible for anybody to mind the content of your post.
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    Good ol' days

    : D
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    State of TF2 Competitive scene [Asia]

    After the MGE/LSD finals in the last asiafortress league. the teams involveddisplayed a level of competition and excitement beyond anything I can remember (the dizziness vs cata finals might have rivalled it, aeons ago). Things will always appear a little slow in between major 6v6 competitions, but the attitude of players appears to be (and it damn well should) that there's a lot more to be positive about than 6 months ago. There is always a significant series of logistical challenges though, but people are working on that too. Now is a good time to be positive.
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    Quote Thread

    7:14 PM - subtitled: i just want 7:14 PM - subtitled: all hats 7:14 PM - subtitled: basically 7:14 PM - subtitled: i wanna dress my char up like its grade 2 at primary school 7:15 PM - subtitled: awww what do u wanna look like today sweety 7:15 PM - subtitled: fuckin pimp hat bitch yeeeeeow 21:21 - thelittlegirl: rofl 21:21 - thelittlegirl: camel's taking it so seriously fuck 21:21 - thelittlegirl: just poking fun 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: HAHAHAHAA 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: yeah 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: omg 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: HAHAHA 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: HOW THE FUCK 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: CAN YOU IMAGINE THINGS LIKE THAT 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: THAT MAKE SENSE 21:22 - sᴎs` kikapoo: HAHAHA 21:22 - thelittlegirl: I'm really good
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    Quote Thread

    thelittlegirl has changed their name to thelittlegirltold. thelittlegirltold has changed their name to el kipso, bringer of toldsaw. el kipso, bringer of toldsaw has changed their name to toldcapping. toldcapping has changed their name to dd//toldinos. dd//toldinos has changed their name to spire : the toldstickening. spire : the toldstickening has changed their name to set ubers to told. set ubers to told has changed their name to leaps of told. leaps of told has changed their name to be bold, get told. be bold, get told has changed their name to kips, surgeon of told. kips, surgeon of told has changed their name to what a fine toldout to mid. what a fine toldout to mid has changed their name to critically told. critically told has changed their name to www.toldarama.com. www.toldarama.com has changed their name to in memory of toldkips. in memory of toldkips has changed their name to don't be told homie. don't be told homie has changed their name to never go full retold. never go full retold has changed their name to gotta go told. gotta go told has changed their name to believe in the heart of the told. believe in the heart of the told has changed their name to toldception.
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    Spy in PUG

    Spy is a high risk option you should be using every now and again to get some kind of large advantage (medic/demoman) or defending against a similarly large disadvantage. It should be usually used after other options fail that are safer (or mixed into them, aka engineer, sniper, suiciding players, uber vs uber repush) and should be clearly communitcated to your team and precalled - especially in pugs.
  21. HaXxorIzed

    Ozfort mix team

    Supposed to be upper tier. Expect a lot of this kind of stupidity. A significant portion of the Australian community bitch if they have to play above 50 ping, let alone 80+. I am sure there will be more than a few teams looking to "even the odds" by keeping you on as unfortunate a ping as possible. There isn't a great deal that can be done about this sadly, half the reason you've been put in div3 is on the assumption of poor pings (I Presume).
  22. HaXxorIzed

    Ozfort mix team

    I was just commenting on the storied history in general. I mean, it might have been a bit before your time (SLP days etc), but spammah/nata could tell you so many stories of 'inspiring' routing changing on a weekly basis, especially for guys like nana etc. Many a time a gamearena server was booked so SLP were not caught playing fray'v on 320 ping (ROFL) It only makes it even more important that everyone gets behind what Moe's up to (and intiaitives of that kind). <tangentl0l> How many games are you gentlemen getting on the wa serves by the way? OWL starts so soon, so best to get time in now to avoid any surprises.
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    Ozfort mix team

  24. HaXxorIzed

    Introduction thread!