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  1. Ratsyc

    fresh new kicks

    Super mario anyone?
  2. Btw, majority of the pubber's profiles are set to private (or some who quickly switch their profile to private after being expose), so unless you're friend with them, can remember which ever nicks they kept switching to or you have their steam id record of previous comp players, you wouldn't know for sure if at some point of time they are comp players.
  3. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    I said similar situations. Both host bailed out on the event.
  4. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    I believe these are 2 similar situations (between the LAN event and Fight for vintage event). Look at how they did the announcement for pulling the plug on the event. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/twfof2011/announcements/detail/990995081968238408
  5. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    My reply might be unprofessional (i was annoyed and angry at that point of time), but the way they acted is worst. I agree with you that benny is quite the poor thing, since posting the damn chat log wasn't even his idea. it was someone else who asked him to do it. Well, firstly, i'll apologized stating that you guys are the organizer. But nata did approach K to volunteer his service to help out right.(Lets named the person K for easy understanding) He could have asked for assistance when he couldn't locate the person for over a period of time instead waiting till last min. Shit happens but dumping all blame on K with full private chat logs is something i can't get over. (In case you guys blame me for being bias because i know who K is, I'll probably do the same thing even if the person wasn't K) Btw, i've only heard one part of the story and its was from the multichat with nata and benny last night. Discussion? Sorry no thank you, 3+ years of these shit is enough for me. I've yet to reject when people asked for my help and i believe i've helped all i can in the past from volunteering my service to donating fund for a server. Its about time i stop doing these. Seriously, its pretty sad to see how the community is able to sky dive into such state. In all, I wish you guys all the best and good luck in rebuilding this community.
  6. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    You right, you don't need to be skillful in the game to run a community, i believe you need EQ to do that. Sadly, that is missing in this particular community.
  7. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    Better? yes. But i'm afraid is bit too late don't you think so. The damage has been done, to both of you guys and the other party. gg
  8. Ratsyc

    RE: LAN

    Seriously, Is there really a fucking need to post this on the fucking news section? Can't you dumbass(s) just say the lan event will be postpone due to some unforeseen events? If you wonder this community is going down the shithole, this is one of the reasons why.
  9. [b]asiafortress.com #1 :: hosted by eclub[/b] - [url=steam://connect/][/url] | [b]Password:[/b] eclubmatch [b]asiafortress.com #2 :: hosted by eclub[/b] - [url=steam://connect/][/url] | [b]Password:[/b] eclubmatch [b]asiafortress.com #3 :: hosted by eclub[/b] - [url=steam://connect/][/url] | [b]Password:[/b] eclubmatch [b]asiafortress.com #4 :: hosted by eclub[/b] - [url=steam://connect/][/url] | [b]Password:[/b] eclubmatch Edited the code to include hyperlinks with password.
  10. Ratsyc

    What do you want to see?

    Less idiots.
  11. Ratsyc

    Post Ham Era

    lol. Thanks.
  12. Ratsyc

    Post Ham Era

    Interesting read. Should have read this at work today, would have killed my boredom. Awww. they took down the post.
  13. Ratsyc


    a win oop thread as always.
  14. Ratsyc

    Wicked Sick is dissolved

    hmm. rage