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    Masters of MGE Scout Registration Page

    Nickname: bio Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/coproduction/ Hours of TF2: ~6000 (2974 on this account) Challonge username: biotics123
  2. Proposing Friday- Sunday, 24-26 Oct 9pm GMT+8 To clarify what we have left: Process 3-3 Golden cap for process to be played on OAG server Koth_viaduct_pro to be played on AFHK server
  3. Admin granted extension of match. Match to be scheduled by Thursday, 23 October
  4. Proposing Saturday 19/10 9pm GMT+8
  5. Match confirmed Friday 10 Oct 9pm GMT+8
  6. Confirmed and GGWP, thanks for the game
  7. Match confirmed this Sunday 28th September 9pm GMT+8
  8. Biotics

    [AFC8] Missing Demo Submissions

    The Homely Hobos Round 2 Demos- Bait has uploaded Round 3 Demos Bait, bio, cal, clover, gene and Astro have uploaded For round 2 bait played 20 mins on snakewater before having to sub out, so gene played but he forgot to record after subbing midway, hope we can leniency on this matter. Thank you
  9. Biotics

    [AFC8] Missing Demo Submissions

    Don't know if it's a hassle but could you or some other admin update this list again is a few days just before the deadline?
  10. cp_granary 4-2 to deadly momentum cp_snakewater 6-4 to deadly momentum Ggwp!
  11. Proposing 12th September Friday 9pm GMT+8 We definitely cannot do it on the 14th of September. 11th and 13th September are negotiable but 12th Friday is still highly preferred
  12. 5-0 badlands to GLM 5-0 gullywash to GLM gg!
  13. Noappo3: server ping is awful bio: oh Noappo3: today cant use motley crew server I think bio: oag then? bio: our medic has 100 ping there so I think it's fair Noappo3: let's go oag bio: okay OAG server confirmed!
  14. Noappo3: I think we can play friday at 10:00 GMT+9, but it might be little later bio: hey! so friday 5th september 10pm GMT+9 confirmed? bio: is it confirmed? Noappo3: oh srysry Noappo3: date and time is confirmed bio: ok thanks! Friday 5th September 10pm GMT+9/ 9pm GMT+8 confirmed.
  15. Date proposed: Friday 5th September or Saturday 6th September Time proposed: 9pm for both days, GMT+8 Server to be proposed later
  16. Biotics

    [AFC8] Team Registration

    Clan Name: The Homely Hobos Country(s): Singapore and Malaysia Preferred Skill Level: Division 1 Clan Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/orzpls Team Captain (with Steam ID and Steam URL): bio - STEAM_0:1:56326609 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/coproduction Players (with Steam ID and Steam URL): jigglesaur - STEAM_0:0:433561 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/jigglesaur/ astroboy - STEAM_0:0:42892073 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/astroboypwns/ cloverella - STEAM_0:0:41484397 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/cloverella/ hedwig - STEAM_0:1:37933389 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/sesquipedalianprose/ b4it - STEAM_0:1:41160101 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/76561198042585931/ gene - STEAM_0:0:19439145 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/jaggedjawed/ Caldoran - STEAM_0:0:28890598 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/caldoran/ rze - STEAM_0:0:23002754 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/splattered/ jaku - STEAM_0:1:31050255 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/jakkuuuu/
  17. Biotics


    Oh them lies Elmo, dem lies
  18. Biotics

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    For me, even though sitting on that chair playing non stop tf2 was admittedly tiring, it was definitely an experience I will not regret, all that adrenaline pumping and hype just from the crowd makes your TF2 gameplay so much more fun! Hopefully the VODs get casted by some of casters like eXtine and Admirable, it would be some interesting insight as well. And oh to those who spent buckets of saliva casting the LAN thanks so much as well!
  19. Biotics

    LAN Appreciation

    Also would like to thank the admin team, with shoutouts to Madman and Caldoran for helping out with technical issues.
  20. would also like to kindly point out that astro was a merc for .esp during this match gg!
  21. Biotics

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    tl:dr smb is a gay noob padi farmer
  22. Biotics

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    im not telling him to quit. Im telling him to go practice in pubs first before trying to even pug. its called prevention is better than cure
  23. Biotics

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    In fact, this analogy is quite different from tf2 and cannot be used to compare them. Ur analogy has 2 stages, facing slavery or not living at all. Tf2 has 3. Pugging, pubbing, and quitting tf2