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  1. gL 1-4 YMGaming gg wp
  2. Game being played 11pm on 7th May GMT+9 on #1 BFX_Match Scrim 'n' PUG Server
  3. Noanoa

    4v4 KoTH Cup Registration

    Team Name: Green Leaves Country: Japan Steam Group URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GreenLeaves Players (Include clan tag and steamid): Noanoa STEAM_0:1:30644852 aene STEAM_0:1:18772035 dandan STEAM_0:1:24610664 yoru STEAM_0:0:18528094 Aglaia STEAM_0:0:16702326 hypelion STEAM_0:1:19135764
  4. Match start is 10pm and server is TJT01. Will this do ?
  5. 10pm ok I talked with sup
  6. sorry It talked with the ancient member there and decided. I would like to play match in fact today. From when can you hold a match?
  7. Date: 25/03/2012, PM9 on TJT 01 server sry
  8. badlands: gL 5-0 ABH gullywash: gL 5-0 ABH gg wp
  9. Date: 16/03/2012 JPtime 10PM , both map on ozfortress.com Asia #01 | hosted by GamersUnited connect; password drill both agreed