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    Happy New Year everyone! As we enter 2019, the AsiaFortress Administrators have big news so make sure to read the entire announcement. Firstly, our friends at serveme.tf have graciously provided us their services and you may now visit their site to book servers for scrims/future matches. Secondly, a new mumble server is available for everyone to use. The details for the server are as follow: IP: fwishy.me Port: 64738 The server is publicly available. However, to request for a private channel, follow the instructions given in the #mumble-queries text channel on our discord. The channel will also serve as a communication point should the server crash. The IP ( is also tied to an MGE server called "The Aquarium". Looking to expand to SOAPDM in the future. Finally and most importantly, we have set up a crowd fundraiser to make up for the costs community member Rednexela bore by spearheading the organization of AFLAN18. Make sure to donate if you enjoyed the event and want to make up for the deficit! Donate here. The AsiaFortress Administrators would like to thank everyone for another great year of competitive TF2 and we hope to see everyone in 2019. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming AsiaFortress Cup 15 announcement. View full article
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    AsiaFortress Cup 14 [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Team Directory] [Server Bookings] [Match Threads] [Cast Requests] [Ban List] With the delayed Division 3 Grand Finals match closing out, AsiaFortress Cup 14 is officially concluded. Huge congratulations to xiao, Bokorimon and Butter Fan Club for winning Divisions 1, 2 and 3 respectively! Let's also not forget the runner-up teams that have given us spine-chillingly close matches. Division 1 1st) xiao 2nd) The Chess Foundation 3rd) R%% Division 2 1st) Bokorimon 2nd) Poverty Boys 3rd) UMU Division 3 1st) Butter Fan Club 2nd) GRILLED CHIKEN 3rd) Anti-Clockwise Concerning your shiny medals, the distribution will be done slightly differently this time. One team leader from each team will be required to submit log proof for every rostered player that is to receive a medal. Simply follow the instructions here to claim your medals. Teams that do not post on the forum will NOT get their medals. Finally, the AsiaFortress Administrators would like to thank all the teams for another great season and see you all next year!
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    Hello, Back in MY, lft as demo can start as sub first and trial anytime :D Hello to those who still remember me xD
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    div 3 playoff teams: anti clock wubwub cutefrog backdoor unless one of the teams get slammed like abna in afc 12