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    New Rules, New Format, New AsiaFortress


    New Rules, New Format, New AsiaFortress

    Hey everyone, as we gear up for the upcoming season, we would like to inform you about the exciting changes in the format and rules that we have made.

    Team Slot Binding to the Team Captain
    To enhance flexibility and provide teams with options in case of disbandment, we have implemented a new rule where team slots will be transferable to another team. If a team decides to disband, the team captain has the authority to transfer the slot to another eligible team, ensuring that the tournament's competitive spirit remains intact. We understand that circumstances change, and we aim to provide opportunities for teams to continue their journey toward victory.


    Qualifiers Format
    During the qualifiers, the team that loses a map will have the privilege of picking the subsequent map. Qualifiers will take place over two weekends, with Day 1 and Day 2 scheduled on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The format includes a BO1 (Best of 1) set map for the first round, followed by BO3 (Best of 3) matches for the losers in a double-elimination format. For the first season, we will be taking 6 teams from qualifiers to be promoted to invite. Adapt, strategize, and secure your spot in the main event!


    Qualifiers Schedule
    Day 1 (Saturday): BO1 Set Map + Lower Bracket BO3
    Day 2 (Sunday): Upper Bracket BO3 + Lower Bracket BO3
    Day 3 (Saturday, the following week): Upper Bracket BO3 + Lower Bracket BO3
    Day 4 (Sunday, the following week): Upper Bracket BO3 + Lower Bracket BO3


    Invite Format
    For the invite stage, the top seed in the invite stage will have the privilege of picking the first map, and subsequent maps will be chosen by the losing team. The invite stage will feature a double-elimination format throughout. At the end of the season the bottom 4 invite teams will be relegated back into qualifiers.

    Invite Schedule
    Invite will take place the following week upon the qualifying teams being decided. The tournament will run for 6 weeks and games will be played on Friday and Saturday with 2 games being played per day.


    B4nny Config Usage
    Moving into the new season, we will be using the B4nny config for all games in the qualifiers and invite as we feel that it enhances the competitive and viewing experience.


    Match Suspensions for Inappropriate Behavior
    We take sportsmanship and fair play seriously. Any instances of inappropriate behavior will result in match suspensions being issued. Let's keep the competition focused on skill, teamwork, and respect for one another.


    Team Logos, Webcams and Player Pictures
    For teams making it to the invite stage, we kindly request the submission of team logos to enhance the tournament's visual appeal. While webcams are optional, they are preferred for a more immersive viewing experience. Let your team's identity shine and captivate the audience! We are also making it mandatory for players in invite to send shoulder-up pictures to be used for static stream graphics (detailed information will be provided at a later date).


    Every Game Will Be Casted!
    We are delighted to announce that every single game of the tournament in invite will be casted! Our talented casters will provide exciting commentary and analysis, bringing the matches to life for both the participants and the viewers. Prepare to showcase your skills on the grand stage!

    Map Pool


    • Gullywash
    • Sunshine
    • Clearcut


    • Gullywash
    • Clearcut
    • Product
    • Snakewater
    • Process



    We hope this new format and rules will elevate the competition and make this season an unforgettable experience for all involved. More details as to the exact date and more specifics will be released once registration is open (soon!). Wishing you the best of luck, and may the best teams emerge victorious!

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