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    As you may or may not know, GamersUnited has a shiny new mumble server, currently set up with 250 slots.


    As well as being open to pubbers (with dedicated channels), there are rooms dedicated to clan usage, as well as an AsiaFortress lobby. This service is open to anyone. Clan rooms are FREE, and the server is always up. If your clan wants to take advantage and book a room, feel free to pm me or grab me on IRC.


    Server details are:



    When you first connect to the server, be sure to register yourself.. Simply hit the "Register" in the "Self" menu.



    To access protected rooms, you will need the correct "Access Tokens". These tokens effectively act as passwords, and more importantly passwords that you won't need to enter every time.

    To set access tokens, go to the "Server" menu, select "Access Tokens" and then "Add"



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