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    AsiaFortress Cup 20 signups are now open!


    AsiaFortress Cup 20

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    AsiaFortress is back with the second season of 2022! This season, the AsiaFortress Administrators have in store some new changes to the competing format that will hopefully reinvigorate the upper echelons of the player base. Make sure to read through these changes clearly, especially for teams that are signing up for Divisions 1 and 2.

    Format changes for Divisions 1 and 2
    The AsiaFortress league is built on the shoulders of its top players, and the AsiaFortress Administrators want to continue fostering talent that can play at a high level. However, this has, in the past, come at the cost of pushing teams that sign up for Division 2 into a whole different skill bracket.

    While we want to continue encouraging players to move up the divisional ladder, we want to introduce changes that will hopefully make the transition smoother.

    For AsiaFortress Cup 20, Divisions 1 and 2 will be a combined divisional bracket. However, this will only take place during playoffs.

    Division 1 will continue to remain an invite-only, top-skill division for the best that the region has to offer. These teams are guaranteed a playoff spot, which means that these matches are for seeding purposes.

    Division 2 on the other hand, will play the usual 7-week regular season, at which point the division will conclude, and the divisions standings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so forth) will be decided. The top 2 teams from the division will be placed into a combined playoffs with Division 1 teams, where they will be given the opportunity to play against the best teams in the region, and earn further accolades.

    Teams in Division 3 are not affected in any way by these changes.

    We hope that these changes will allow teams to play within their margin of skill, whilst continuously allowing better Division 2 teams to test their mettle without disrupting the entirety of a season.

    Signups for AsiaFortress Cup 20 will be open here until 24th June 2022, with seedings and season opening on 26th June and 27th June respectively.

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