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    AsiaFortress Cup 19 Registrations are now open!


    AsiaFortress Cup 19

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    We’re back! Signups for the 19th iteration of the AsiaFortress Cup are now open, with a scheduled early January season opening.


    For the first season of the year, we’ve made some new changes to the map pool to keep both the regular and postseason experience fresh for newbies and veterans alike.


    Expanded Map Pool

    The AsiaFortress Cup 19 map pool will consist of TEN total maps! A blend of familiarity in seasoned AsiaFortress Cup maps like cp_reckoner, as well as new additions, like the recently refreshed cp_metalworks, we hope that the AsiaFortress Cup 19 map pool incentivises the play of maps outside of the staple few.


    The 7-week regular season will, however, still remain as it has been. Check out the Key Dates and Map Pool thread for more information about how the maps will be scheduled!



    Like previous iterations of the league, AsiaFortress Cup 19 will continue to use match.tf as its primary platform for score management.

    On the other hand, both the asiafortress.com website as well as the AsiaFortress Discord will be used for any important announcements throughout the season, so be sure to keep up with both of them!

    Signups will be open here until 31st December 2359PM GMT+8. We look forward to seeing you in AsiaFortress Cup 19!

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