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    AsiaFortress Cup 15

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    After a painstaking three month delay, we welcome everyone back to the fifteenth installment of the AsiaFortress Cup!

    Having made huge changes, make sure all of you read to the end of the post to ensure you don't miss anything out. With that, let's kick start the list of changes.

    Map Pool and Whitelist Updates
    To keep the map pool fresh season after season, we want to keep experimenting with new maps. Therefore, this season, we are introducing cp_propaganda_b14! We will also be welcoming back to the map pool, an updated cp_reckoner_rc4a which hasn't been played since AFC11. Make sure to start practicing these maps. In their place, cp_sunshine and cp_granary_pro2 have been removed from the mappool.
    Whitelist changes are inclusive of the banning of both The Scorch Shot and the Detonator, in accordance with the global whitelist update. Other than that, there will be no major changes to the whitelist.

    Migration to Match.tf
    We are always trying to improve user experience and with the gracious provision of match.tf services, we are experimenting on doing just that. For AsiaFortress Cup 15, the match system will be ported over to match.tf! We hope this will allow for a smoother registration and score submission process for both present and future seasons.
    To sign up on match.tf:
    1) Ensure all of your team members have a match.tf account
    2) Create a team on match.tf here
    3) Add players to your team
    4) Head over here, to sign your team up
    Signups are open until the 24th of March!

    Roster sizes are still limited to 10 players, with a minimum of 6 players required to sign up. Captain bans and player bans found on the list here still apply.

    Do note that as this is our first season utilizing the match.tf system, technical difficulties are bound to happen. We ask for your understanding as the AsiaFortress Admins learn and fine-tune the system. Thank you.

    So what are all of you waiting for, head over to match.tf to sign up now!

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